How To Reset Meross Smart Plug? (Answered)

how to reset meross smart plug
how to reset meross smart plug

Going with smart plugs is one of the most cost-efficient alternatives to transforming your household appliances. Options like Wyze and Lutron bring an exceptional list of features to the owners.

However, when it comes to the lowest prices, you will be much better off with Meross. These smart plugs might not be the best, but you will save a fair bit of your budget with these options.

Minor issues with these budget options are also pretty common. Luckily, you can fix the majority of these minor problems by simply resetting the smart plugs.

So, if you do decide to go with options like Meross, the following details on how to reset the Meross Smart plug will prove to be useful.

How To Reset Meross Smart Plug?

Resetting the Meross smart plug is the most effective method for getting rid of connectivity and network-related problems. There have been a ton of complaints where users were unable to connect to a new network after upgrading their router.

So, if you’ve recently switched networks and the smart plug is running into connectivity issues, follow these steps to reset the unit. To reset the Meross Smart Plug, you need to first connect it with a functioning outlet and wait for the LED indicator to turn on.

If the LED indicator on your smart plug won’t respond to the outlet, then you’re likely dealing with a defective plug or a defective outlet. Try out a different outlet to isolate this issue with the smart plug.


Once the LED indicator is turned on and you’re sure that the power from the outlet is optimal, then press and hold down on the power button on the Meross smart plug. You need to hold down on this button for around 5 seconds to reset the plug.

After the 5 seconds are up, the LED indicator will change color to amber and green, which will show that the smart plug is in setup mode.

It might take a few seconds for the smart plug to show up on the mobile device. So, make sure to wait a while if the plug doesn’t show up immediately.

Now, you can add this device to the network, and there won’t be any issues with the connection of the smart plug with the router. Just make sure that the router is placed close to the smart plug and that there are no issues with the internet connection.

Lastly, you just have to configure the smart plug, and it will be ready to be used with your appliances. You can add it to the smart assistant after the smart plug has been successfully paired up with the network. To summarize the reset process:

  • Connect Meross Plug to a power source
  • Press and hold the main power button for five seconds
  • The LED will change color to amber
  • Let go of the button
  • Use the application to pair up your device
  • Update smart plug configuration

Overall, you need to avoid pressing the smaller button on the plug and only stick with the main power button. Many users have made the mistake of pressing the smaller button with a needle.

This can create a ton of issues for your smart plug, and you will likely have to claim the warranty to get everything back on track.

For this reason, just focus on holding down the main power button for around 5 seconds and then try to pair it up with your smartphone.

Meross Smart Plug Not Connecting Even After Reset?

If the smart plug doesn’t connect even after resetting, then you need to check the router for possible issues. There is a good chance that the router is not broadcasting the 2.4GHz channel.


So, go over the router configurations and reset the proxy settings. Sometimes, changing the DNS has a positive impact on the condition of the connection. All of these methods will help you improve the chances of connecting the smart plug with the router.

However, if the Meross smart plug won’t connect even after switching the router, then you need to call customer support and claim the warranty. Your smart plug is damaged or defective, and you need to get it repaired.

Luckily, the warranty policy on the smart plug will cover this situation, and you won’t have to spend any extra budget. So, call the experts and explain the situation to them.

If your claim is valid, they will be more than happy to provide you with a fresh replacement for your Meross Smart plug.

How To Confirm If Your Meross Smart Plug Is Defective?

While Meross is not the most reliable unit on the market, it will still keep you updated regarding the device status with the LED indicator. You can just glance at the light color on this unit to determine whether or not your device is working properly.

However, if you are not noticing any response from the LED light on your unit, then there is a good chance that your Meross smart plug is defective. To further narrow down the problem, you will have to use a multimeter or rely on a different power source.

Your main focus here is to isolate the issue to the power source. So, if you’ve not maintained the electrical connections in your home for a few years, just rely on a different power source.

If there are no hardware issues with the Meross smart plug, it should turn on at this point.

However, if you can’t get any response from the smart plug even after changing the power source, then your unit is likely defective.

This device is not that durable and won’t work under rough use. So, if the condition of the Meross smart plug is not optimal, you need to reach out to official support. The warranty policy will still be valid, and you can demand a replacement.

This is especially true for customers who got a defective unit out of the box. So, if you’re in the same boat, try reaching out and avoid wasting your time with this device.

The smart plugs are usually pretty simple, and you can easily recognize the issues by glancing at their hardware.

So, if the unit seems in rough shape and the LED won’t power on even when you connect the plug with a functioning outlet, then you need to grab a replacement from the official Meross dealer.

Looking For Meross Smart Plug Alternatives?

If you’re not that sold on the idea of a replacement, then there is no harm in branching out and spending your money on a more reliable smart plug.

The Meross plug is more suitable for budget-conscious customers, but if you’re looking for quality only, then there is no better option than Wyze, WeMo, and Lutron.


All three of these options might be a bit more expensive, but they are much better than Meross in every aspect.

From durability to the extensive list of smart features, these plugs have got you covered with the best performance on the market. So, instead of wasting more time with the Meross plug, you can switch to either one of these brands.

The price might seem unfair at first, but the lifespan of these devices will make the investment well worth it for you.

So, try to set aside some money for a reliable unit that won’t only last you for several years but will also bring more convenience to your existing smart home setup.

Their applications are also pretty refined, and the setup won’t take more than 5 minutes. You will save the hiring cost of a general contractor as you can get through the setup yourself for all of these smart devices.

To Conclude

Most owners come to the question of “How to Reset Meross Smart Plug” a brief period after setting up this device. It is true that you can fix the majority of bugs with a quick reset, but the Meross plugs are notorious for minor issues and performance errors.

So, instead of spending hours trying to fix your smart plug, try to branch out towards different options. You will only create more hassle for yourself if you keep using Meross smart plug.

However, if you’re still sold on the idea of these units, then a quick reset can be performed by holding down the main power button for around five seconds.

A light amber color will start flashing, and you can simply switch over to the mobile device to pair up the unit.

Just make sure that your router connection is decent and that there are no errors with the range and interference from other devices.

Similarly, you should limit the 5.0 GHz connection from your router and only broadcast the 2.4 GHz channel to further isolate the problem.

It might take a bit more of your time, but only broadcasting the 2.4 GHz will make the initial setup easier for your Meross smart device. Seek help from official support for further guidance regarding the initial setup.

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