3 Common Problems Meross Smart Plug Troubleshooting

meross smart plug troubleshooting

Many smart home enthusiasts are drawn into the Meross brand of smart plugs due to their slimline and space-saving design.

It is also a huge plus that they seem to work with pretty much any smart home system you can think of; Google Home, Alexa, and the Homekit automation framework.

However, there have been a whole range of issues reported to us in the last while. Among these is the fact that it is actually quite difficult to set up multiple Meross smart plugs in a single outlet.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t any other way around this other than to employ the use of an extension cable into the mix.

Asides from this little issue, it seems like the most common complaint is that many of you are having trouble with the basic functionality of the plug itself.

More specifically, you’re having problems getting the plug to connect to your Wi-Fi and work like it is supposed to. If this is what you’re experiencing, we’ll do our best to fix the problem for you in this guide.

Meross Smart Plug Troubleshooting

Below, we have compiled a quick list of all of the solutions we could find that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

These fixes will not require you to take anything apart or risk damaging your equipment in any way. So, if you have no experience troubleshooting problems such as these, don’t worry about it!

The worst that can happen is that we won’t manage to get it fixed.

1. Make Sure Your Connection to the Network is Solid

Most of the issues that can crop up with devices such as these will be caused by the fact that your connection to the internet either isn’t quick enough or is dropping out periodically.

Though you can perform a range of different checks to eliminate this as a possible cause, we find that the quickest way to fix the problem is to go for the jugular.

First up, we would recommend that you just power cycle your router. All you need to do is switch it off, let it rest for about a minute and then turn it back on again.

If this hasn’t had any effect, the next thing to do is do the same thing again to the smart plug or plugs that are giving you trouble.

After that, all that remains is to connect them up again and see if they’re working as they should be.

If this has had no effect and there are still connectivity issues, the next step we would suggest is to check that your Wi-Fi credentials are in order and that you aren’t using any special characters in the password or name of your network.

Finally, if you have one of the newer routers that operate at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, make sure that you have it set to 2.4GHz. The vast majority of smart devices don’t operate on the 5GHz channel. So, this could well be the reason for all of the trouble.

2. Try Resetting the Meross Plug


Meross Plug

If none of the above fixes did anything to resolve the issue, your best bet is to up the ante a little. Quite often with automation equipment, all that is really needed is a reset every now and then.

Unfortunately, this will mean that you have run through the setup process again, but there is a reasonable chance that it’ll work thereafter.

Basically, resets are a nice and easy trick for clearing out any bugs and glitches that may have accumulated over time.

If you haven’t reset these plugs before, all you need to do is hold down the button on the top of the plug for a period of ten seconds or so.

Basically, don’t let go until the LED light has started flashing. This will let you know that the reset has been a success.

Once you are done, you can then grab your iOS device, scanning the unique QR code on the plug to connect it back up to Home.

If you are still having no luck, it may also be worth trying the same process but using a different phone. On some occasions, it may not be the fault of the smart plug at all but the phone that you are using to run everything.

3. The Plug May Just be Faulty

Meross Smart Plug

Once you have tried everything above, there really aren’t any more tricks to get your devices to communicate with each other. This is especially true if other smart devices in your house aren’t struggling in any way.

At this point, if you can’t do so much as get the plug to power up properly, it is more than likely that the problem is more serious than just a connectivity issue.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few users out there that have reported a similar situation. Yes, you could still try using the plug in a different outlet in the off chance that the issue was the outlet all along.

However, this would be a rare enough event and wouldn’t even near account for the number of complaints about this plug that are out there. The best you can hope for from here is that it is still protected by a warranty and that you can get a free replacement.

14 thoughts on “3 Common Problems Meross Smart Plug Troubleshooting”

  1. The Meross plug using it’s own app works fine.
    Trying to link to Alexa fails on trying to login through Meross website, clicking Authorise brings up a Link Error, it shows that I must use Chrome or Safari. I am and can prove it when minimising the screen to do a screenshot it shows Chrome in use. Trying to link through Alexa app to Meross, brings up same Link Error, unsurprisingly, since its linking to the same Meross login page. Chrome is still in use. Another method is to use LWA, but Amazon due not know about it. To me, there is a dilemma, 2 methods that use same login to Meross and both fail.

  2. hi all
    I cannot connect using the app because you insist I have to connect to a central server. I have just changed my password and it is STILL telling me that the password is incorrect when I’m using the new password.

    Can you please tell me how to connect to the app when it tells me my password is wrong EVEN when I’ve just changed it, stored the password in the password in password safe and used that to enter the password.

    Had I known it was a requirement to sign up to a central server to access the devices running on my network, I would never have purchased them in the first place. It is solely for this reason I won’t purchase any more of your equipment and now make it a requirement for any new devices I get that they do NOT require an internet connection – only wifi.
    So frustrated….

    • I had same issue but used the same password that failed for the resetting, and then it did work. Nonsense. Trying to link to Alexa fails in both directions, Alexa to Meross or Meross to Alexa. I am using Chrome, but both methods go to Meross to login, which fail with Link Error. Shame, as it works fine through just the Meross app, but voice control will never work.

  3. I recently upgraded both my Meross Smart Plug firmware using the Meross App and all was fine. They have been working previously for 2+ years with no issues.
    However, after purchasing a new HomePod Mini, both of the Meross plugs stopped working. Always they were ‘not responding’ in the Apple Homekit app, but worked perfectly from the Meross App. I did a full reset on one of them and set it up again. Still not working with Homekit app.

    Finally, after a power off (unplug for 30 secs) / on of the HomePod Mini and unplugging and plugging the Meross Smart plugs back in to their sockets, they have both started working again!

  4. I had 4 meross start plugsall worked fine till last week when I lost connection with 2 checking the settings I noticed the time zone e was 1 hour out on the non responsive dive ones I did afacyory re set and lost wi fi connection to all4 and now i cannot re connect them absolute rubbish poor follow up from meross and useless information supplied to my e mails looks like I have r usless plugs that cannot be used anymore waste of money very dissapointed in meross 😡

  5. Hi, 8 smart plugs & 1 mini smart plugs, all working at Christmas 2021 switching tree lights and house lights on and off successfully, all of a sudden when tried for security lights whilst going away on holiday, ALL STOPPED WORKING!!!!!!!!!! Reading previous logs, it is a COMMON PROBLEM!!!!! Come on Meross, get it sorted. My outlay is in excess of £100, get it sorted or stand by for some cutting edge feedback across as many social media sites that I can find.
    I’ve tried stopping the 5GHz from the router and still no luck. I’ve tried changing the 2.4GHz channel and still no luck.
    Meross, you must know what is going on, so get it fixed!!!

  6. I have had a number of meross smart plugs that worked fine for months then stopped switching the power. The light was switching on and off but the power switch was not working. The device was connected to my hub. I tried the full reset with them but no solution.

  7. I have several of Meross mini smart plugs and some of them (but not all of them) are no longer working. It stopped responding around when the last update came out because I remember seeing that message in Home app. Anyway, once it stopped responding, I can’t add them back no matter how many times I reset and restart my phone.

    • I have exactly the same problem. Plugs that were working won’t reconnect. I’ve tried resetting plus, the router, turning off 5.0Ghz. Nothing works, but some of the original plugs are still working through the App and Alexa.

  8. I have an exterior smart plug with 2 switches. When the plug is “off” it still sends a pulse of power to the light, almost looking like a strobe light. Flashes every 5 to 5.5 seconds.

  9. I’ve had the same issue as others. All of a sudden, the only two Meross “smart” plugs stopped working apparently can’t connect to the internet. I probably have 30 other devices in my house and all had no issue. Happens consistently. This time I can’t get it to reconnect and can’t reset the device because there is no barcode on the device. DON’T BUY MEROSS!

  10. The Meross smart plugs are the worst bits of kit I have ever bought. Reports 85% WiFi signal, recent firmware update after 18 months has improved stability of wifi connection, but still fail every few days – better than before! Have tried and checked everything. Only use 2.4GHz wifi connection.
    CAUTION, these devices are unreliable and I believe either have inappropriate hardware or bad firmware. Would suggest you DON’T BUY

  11. 4plugs stopped responding to wifi. Can’t find QR code to reset all 4.
    They worked fine then just stopped. Only 2 are showing when I try to update my or set up.

  12. I have two mss110, firmware ver 2.1.21, hardware ver 2.0.0 that turn on outside the routine hours.

    Both worked fine for months. Then one started turning on at the wrong time and re-programming did not help. And recently another started in a similar way.

    I have several additional, identical plugs and I am concerned that the other plugs might start acting up also.


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