How To Reset Insignia Voice Speaker?

How To Reset Insignia Voice Speaker
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How To Reset Insignia Voice Speaker

The Insignia Voice Speaker is a great product by Insignia which mainly functions as a multiroom speaker. It lets you enjoy all of your music libraries through wireless streaming. You can also avail of radio stations and online music services using this device.

The best thing about these voice speakers is that it is incredibly simple to set up. All you need to do is put your wireless speaker in any room and connect in with your Wi-Fi. Only a few touches of buttons should do the trick and get your Insignia Voice Speaker ready for use.

How To Reset Insignia Voice Speaker

Plenty of users have run into troubles when using the Insignia Voice Speaker. Some of them are facing issues when trying to set it up with their virtual voice assistant. While the others are facing various bugs and glitches in the device.

All of them have been advised to reset their device. However, the problem still lies, as many users have no idea how to reset their Insignia Voice Speaker. This is why we will be focusing on how you can reset it, and when you should do it.

Resetting Insignia Voice Speaker

Resetting your Insignia Voice Speaker will restore its settings to default. Although resetting may help with fixing a few minor bugs, it is also suggested to those people who are looking to sell an open-box item. To successfully reset an Insignia Voice Speaker, follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, we recommend checking your Google Home app. Remove the speaker from the device list in your app.
  2. Now, perform the factory reset by simply pressing the Microphone button. Make sure you hold the button down for around 12-15 seconds.
  3. After you have reset the device, it should reboot.
  4. Once it is turned on, configure your device’s settings according to your needs using both your local and personal settings.

Note: Quite a few people have been reported to press and hold down the power button instead of the microphone button for resetting. As a result, their device does not reset at all. Make sure you learn where the microphone button is and then hold it down for at least 12 seconds. Holding down the power button will not reset your device.


This is how you can easily reset your Insignia Voice Speaker. Follow all of the steps we have mentioned above to easily reset the device. Keep in mind resetting will delete all of your data stored in the speaker. It will also restore all of the settings to the default. After you have reset the device, you will need to configure it again before you can use it properly. If resetting does not help with your problem, we suggest calling their support team. They should help and guide you further.

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