How To Remove Ring Doorbell From Bracket? Explained

how to remove ring doorbell from bracket
how to remove ring doorbell from bracket

If you don’t want to bother with the doorbell wiring then you can always install a battery-powered doorbell. The overall procedure will be easier and the only downtime will be during recharge periods. You can manage the downtime quite easily by scheduling recharge periods. A battery-powered doorbell can prove to be more reliable if you experience power cuts frequently.

To charge the doorbell you will have to take it off the bracket or mount it on your wall. Then you can plug it into a charger to replenish the battery. Let’s cover how you can remove Ring Doorbell from the bracket.

How To Remove Ring Doorbell from Bracket?

The battery is not removable in the earlier versions of the Ring doorbell which is why you need to remove the whole doorbell from the wall bracket to recharge the battery. Ideally, you shouldn’t be having any trouble with removing the doorbell from the bracket and the whole process will only take a few minutes.

You need to start by using a star-headed screwdriver to remove the screws on the bottom of the doorbell. If you’ve just bought the doorbell and the bracket is attached then there is a chance that the screws won’t be attached at this stage.

Anyhow, after removing the screws from the bottom of your doorbell, you can just lift the doorbell off in a seamless manner. You don’t need to use any force and the doorbell should come right off the bracket as you lift the doorbell up and then away from the bracket.

After removing the doorbell, you can charge it using a USB cable. When the LED indicator on the doorbell shows that the battery is fully charged, you can mount the doorbell back on the bracket, and then your job will be done.

It is recommended that you don’t use any sharp tools to separate the doorbell from the bracket. Especially, if you’re using metal tools, they can hard the doorbell permanently and you will have to buy a new one depending upon the damage.

Some customers did say that using plastic tools gently on the edges helped them with separating the bracket from the doorbell. In the newer models, you don’t have to take the whole doorbell off to charge the batteries. You can just remove the faceplate from the doorbell and then remove the battery. Charge the battery and then put it back into the doorbell.

To Conclude

The Ring doorbell can be removed quite easily from the bracket by loosening the screws on the bottom of the doorbell and then lifting the doorbell up and away from the bracket. That is all that you need to do and ideally, you won’t have to use any force.

Using metals tools to remove the doorbell from the bracket can damage the device and you will likely have to buy a new one. So, if you’re having issues with separating the doorbell from the bracket then asking the Ring support would be the right thing to do.

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