Homeseer Vs Vera (Differences Between Homeseer And Vera)

Homeseer Vs Vera
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Homeseer Vs Vera

Homeseer provides smart home users with home automation solutions that are reliable, private, affordable, and secure. Their smart home systems are managed locally, which is a huge benefit for users that often have internet issues. In simple words, all of your home automation, scenes, and events will work even if your internet goes down.

You will have complete integration with all of your smart home products at home. Using Homeseer, you will be making your home a lot smarter as you can control and schedule your lights, garage doors, thermostats. Water valves, door locks, and cameras.

Vera promises to give you the perfect smart hub for your smart home. It comes with a wide range of customizable features. The best part about using Vera as a smart hub is that it’s incredibly simple and easy to install. All you need to do is to plug in your hub and get started.

While using Vera, you will be able to simplify your daily routines, keep an eye on all your things, get alerts whenever something happens. You can also set your lights to turn on before you get home. You also get to save power and time by automating everyday events.

Homeseer Vs Vera

Everyone wants to have the best features whenever it comes to smart home products. Smart hubs are the ones responsible for controlling all of your smart home products. This is why it is important that you buy a good smart hub for your smart home.

Similarly, when it comes to Homeseer vs Vera, there are plenty of factors that you need to determine before you can make a decision on which one you want to buy. This is why we will be comparing each feature of these smart hubs to help you. So, let’s get started!

  1. Smart Features

When it comes to features, and capabilities, both Homeseer and Vera are a great hub for your smart home. Both will give you full control over all of your smart home. You will also be able to completely customize your smart home products according to your needs.

There are a few things where Homeseer actually manages to top Vera, as Vera runs out of storage quite frequently, but only in some cases. For a person who is looking to have basic smart home features and control, he won’t be able to notice any major difference between both these smart hubs.

  1. Pricing

Homeseer is a bit more on the expensive side when it comes to the pricing of both these hubs. But you need to keep in mind, users are able to do more with Homeseer, compared to Vera.

On the other hand, Vera comes in two models. But, more importantly, both the base and the premium model cost less than Homeseer. In pricing, Vera manages to beat Homeseer by a long shot. Although it might not have all the features that Homeseer has, it is still capable of doing everyday automation and smart tasks.

  1. User Review

Before we move on and give our final opinion on which one of the two you should buy. Let’s take a look at what other users have to say about these smart hubs.

Surprisingly enough, users have had a great time with Homeseer with almost every one of them recommending it to others. On the other hand, users had mixed feelings about Vera. Some of them had a great time using the device, while the others were slightly disappointed. But then again, users actually praised Vera’s support and features for its pricing.


Comparing Homeseer vs Vera, both of them will give you a great experience. We simply recommend you go for Vera if you are looking for something entry-level. It will cost you a lot less, while also make sure to provide you the basic features. In contrast, Homeseer will cost you more, but give you plenty more advanced features.

In the end, the decision lies with you. Choose something that is according to your needs and your budget. If pricing isn’t a problem for you, then go for Homeseer. Else, Vera is a decent option as well.

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