Does Switchmate Work With Alexa?

Does Switchmate Work With Alexa
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Does Switchmate Work With Alexa

Switchmate is a company that manufactures easy to use and descent of smart lighting devices. And is known for its easy installation. Switchmate is one of the most preferred devices when it comes to controlling the lights of a Smart Home. The company keeps on introducing the latest versions of these Switchmate.

A lot of people are curious to know that if the latest versions of the Switchmate work with Alexa or not because the previous ones didn’t. This article will talk about the working of Switchmates with Alexa in detail.

Does Switchmate Work With Alexa

The older versions of Switchmates had a very bulky casing and the range was also very low. Not just this, the older versions were unable to integrate with google Alexa and the smart speaker assistants. The users seemed to be pretty disappointed but the Switchmates didn’t lose their worth because of their easy installation process and their ability to work with Wink hub.

However, Google Alexa was still kissed by the customers. The Switchmate box consists of a rocker or toggle version. It also has two AA size batteries and set up guides. The setup guides are in multiple languages including, English, French, and Spanish.

Let us talk about the newer version now. The latest version has a beautiful design which is less bulky and takes way less space than its previous version. The best part about this latest version is that it can now connect to Google Alexa and Google Home both. In addition to this many other features have also been added to the latest version of Switchmate. These features include motion and voice activation.

The Switchmate can be easily used if an Amazon eco or any other device that is Amazon Alexa enabled. Your devices can be controlled with your voice as well through the Alexa Skill. In the newer version, the motion activation feature also works better. It also contains a sensor that determines someone’s entrance and exit in the room. This can be done with the help of the Switchmate application which can be installed in iOs 8 or higher and Android 4.4 plus devices. The motion detection can be activated at customized times as well therefore, it can save a lot of energy and show a good reduction in your bills as well.

This article clears the confusion regarding Smitchmate’s working with google Alexa. Initially, the Switchmates didn’t work with Google Alexa and people were very disappointed because they liked the functioning of Switchmate but they couldn’t use it due to this feature was missing. The company has worked hard and has come up with the best solution to this problem.

They have inculcated such features in Switchmates that they are now able to work with Google Alexa and the customers are now more than happy and satisfied. There are a lot of reasons to use Switchmate in addition to its working with Google Alexa which include its beautiful and decent design and its motion detection feature. We hope this article was helpful and answered all your questions regarding Switchmate.

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