Phillips Hue White Vs Ambiance (Differences Between Hue White And Ambiance)

Hue White Vs Ambiance
Hue White Vs Ambiance

Phillips is a well-known brand for providing users with lighting solutions. Their bulbs in particular are very popular among the users. They provide a wide range of different options for lighting in your home. They also provide smart bulbs if you have a smart home.

Their smart bulbs are completely customizable as users are free to choose from 16 million different colors. This helps them change the scene of the room in just a matter of moments. With only a touch of a button, you are able to have complete control over your lightings.

Hue White Vs Ambiance

The Phillips Hue bulbs come in a variety of different options. Each one of them has their own use and benefits. Similarly, plenty of people have been seen comparing the Phillips Hue Bulb white vs white ambiance.

If you are also wondering about getting either one of the two bulbs, and are stuck with the decision then we advise you to read this article first. We will be using today’s article to explain what really is different between Hue white and ambiance. So, without wasting more time, let’s get started!

  1. Pairing Options

Both Hue white and white ambiance fall under the same category. Although the features might be a little bit different on the two, they pair to the same hub. You will be pairing both of these bulbs to your Hue Bridge.

Also, it is worth mentioning that both are also compatible with HomeKit. This means that both of them should work with voice assistants such as Siri in a flawless manner. So, when it comes to pairing, both of these bulbs will require pretty much the same.

  1. Brightness and Color Options

This is the only noticeable difference between a Phillips Hue white vs ambiance. The base white bulb only comes with the ability to change its brightness options. There really isn’t any other option when it comes to colors in the base white model. You can’t adjust the temperature and other similar options in the white version.

However, the white ambiance model comes with plenty of more options. Users can try out other variations of white color. Not only can they change the brightness of the bulb, but also change the temperature of the bulb. This is one of the main reasons why the white ambiance version is mostly preferred by users.

  1. Pricing

Another thing you might want to determine is the pricing of both models. Because the white ambiance model comes with more features, it is obvious that it is going to cost you a bit more.

In contrast, even if you are only able to change the light’s brightness, the base white model costs less than the ambiance model. The price difference isn’t that huge, so you might want to determine how much you are willing to spend.

Buy the Model That Is According to Your Use

Essentially, it’s as easy as that. Sure, there are differences between these two models, which we have already mentioned above. What you need to do now is to figure out your use. The white model only comes with a brightness option and is still compatible with HomeKit.

The only benefit that comes with the white ambiance model is how much you can customize the white light. This can be done by dimming and changing the light’s temperature. This can allow you to try out different variations of the white color and set up different scenes according to your liking.


Comparing Phillips Hue white vs ambiance bulb, our recommendation would be to go for the ambiance model. You will have plenty of more customizable options with your bulb. However, if you’re on a tight budget, the Hue white bulb will also give you a very good experience. But if you are wondering whether you should spend the extra bucks, then yes, it’s definitely worth it.

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