How To Repeat A Song Using Google Home?

google home repeat song
google home repeat song

Google Home speakers are quite useful, they can play music and also help you control your smart home devices. It is the perfect assistant for all of your needs and can make it easier for you to plan out your day. You can utilize thousands of different features to help you better manage your schedule.

The sound quality of these smart speakers is quite premium when you compare it with other brands within a similar price range. In this article, we will discuss whether or not you can repeat songs on your Google Home device.

Google Home Repeat Song

Yes, it is possible to play songs on repeat on your Google Home smart speakers. All you have to do is say “Play it again” or ask Google to “repeat the song” and your smart assistant will play the song again after it ends.

To stream music on your Google Home device you first have to link a music streaming service with your smart device. The majority of users either use Spotify or Pandora accounts to play music on the Google Home device.

Some users have recently mentioned that the repeat feature is not working for them. It can be quite annoying if you can’t get your playlist to work properly. The good thing is that there are some workarounds if you’re running into similar errors. The fix that most users utilize is that they will make a playlist with the same song added to it 10 to 15 times.

Doing this will take some of your time to set up but it is guaranteed to get the same song to work about 10 – 15 times depending upon the size of your playlist. Another thing that you can try is to cast your Spotify audio to your Google Home device and then put the song on repeat on your Spotify account. This will also get the song to play on repeat.

You can also put the song multiple times on the same playlist and then set the playlist on loop. Doing this will repeat the song countless times until you ask Google to stop playing music. The issue with the repeat function is quite common and you will often find users complaining about it on online forums.

Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is either utilize these workarounds or wait until Google fixes this error with an update.

One thing you can do is send an email to the Google Support team explaining your issue. If enough people, do it, then Google will take notice quickly and the issue will be fixed in no time. So, it is recommended that you send an email yourself and ask your friends to also send emails to Google.

Doing this will bring attention to the issue at hand and it is likely on the next firmware update your issue will be fixed. But until then you should make up a playlist and put it on loop to listen to a single track on repeat without any issues.

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