How to Setup Multiple Houses in Google Home?

google home multiple houses
google home multiple houses

Google Home is one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers that you can find in the market. The device is more than just a speaker that will play music for you, as it can also be used to control all the different devices in your house through your voice.

How to Setup Multiple Houses in Google Home?

Most usually, when setting up Google Home, you have to select your house as the place where you have all of your devices enlisted. However, users have been asking the question about whether it’s possible to set up multiple houses in Google Home.

This is why today; we will be exploring the question in detail and telling you exactly how you can achieve it. Through this article, we will be giving you all the required instructions for setting up more than one house using Google Home. Here is everything you need to know:

How Can You Do It?

For those of you who are wondering whether it is even possible to achieve this, then yes, you can absolutely do this. All you need to do is to follow some incredibly easy and simple steps which are mentioned in detail below:

  • Start by opening the Google Home app located in your phone.
  • Under the Account tab, there should be an option labeled “Set up or add”.
  • Selecting the option should take you to another page where you are asked whether you want to “Create new home”.
  • Choosing this option should be able to start the setup procedure.
  • Simply follow the instructions given to you on the screen as you go through the whole setup for adding in another home in Google Home.

So, only in a matter of minutes, you should be able to successfully set another home for Google Home.

Keep in mind that you will be using the very same account for both the house that you set up. Furthermore, there really isn’t any need to create a new account. One thing that you do need to make sure of is that the other house is also connected to Wi-Fi while you are attempting to go through the setup procedure.

In case you do face any kind of difficulties while setting up, it is recommended that you try contacting customer support for further help on the matter.

The Bottom Line:

Ever wonder how to set up multiple houses in Google Home? If so, then all you need to do is to follow the set of guidelines that we have mentioned in this article. In case of any confusion at all, be sure to leave down a comment. We will reach out to you as soon as we possibly can.

5 thoughts on “How to Setup Multiple Houses in Google Home?”

  1. Google doesn’t have a clue how to do this. Home should allow you to assign all the slave devices to one or more Google Home speakers that are at that location. So when you speak to that device it only runs routines (e.g., Good Night, or commands devices (e.g., ‘TV”) assigned to the location of the Google Home speaker.
    If using a mobile device to issue commands, the user should first open the Google Home app and select a location. Or, if Google were smart…. it would detect the location of the mobile device.
    But then this is all wishful thinking.

  2. Same here. Two houses but Google assistant triggered the other house’s appliances. Tried switching to different Google account for each houses.

  3. i keep getting there is a glitch try again later, i have a google nest hubs at home all work fine but i also got a hub for work and i keep getting the above i have the office set up as a second home as it is a different location ?????


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