Is It Possible To Use Multiple Harmony Hubs With Google Home?

google home multiple harmony hubs
google home multiple harmony hubs

Harmony Hub is a popular smart hub being used widely by different individuals in their smart homes. Similarly, Google Home is a smart Bluetooth speaker used to give voice control to a user over his smart home. Both of these devices can be used in succession with each other to give the user an enhanced smart home experience.

Can I Use Multiple Harmony Hubs with Google Home?

While users can most definitely use both of these devices together for a better overall experience, the question many users seem to ask is whether it is possible to use multiple Harmony Hubs with Google Home?

To answer the question, we will have to discuss it in detail using this article. So, in case you have been wondering the same thing, then we highly suggest that you keep on reading! Here is everything mentioned below:

Is It Even Possible?

For those of you wondering whether this is even possible or not, then the answer to the question is yes, but we’re afraid there’s a limit. The reason why most users may get prompted to an error whenever they try connecting more than one Harmony Hub to their Google Home device is that it is designed this way.

However, this does not mean that you can’t use multiple Harmony Hubs at all. The thing is that these devices use your account and your mobile device to limit the use of a single Harmony Hub on Google Home.

Hence, the workaround to this issue would be as simple as using multiple Google Home accounts, or a better approach would be to use multiple smart devices. As a result, the more smartphones you have in your house, the more Harmony Hubs you can successfully use with Google Home.

All you need to do is to install the Harmony Hub and Google Home app on your smartphone after which you will have to connect them together by adding the Harmony Hub to Google Home.

Similarly, you will have to follow the same procedure for all the other smartphones that you own. Just make sure that you set a different nickname for each and every device so Google Home does not confuse one device with the other.

The best part about following this procedure is that you can do it on the very same Google account. All you need are different smartphones and unique nicknames assigned to each device.

The Bottom Line:

Ever wonder how to use multiple Harmony Hubs with Google Home? If so, then all you need to do is to thoroughly read this article as it contains all the required information that you will need.

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