4 Ways To Fix Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Motion Sensor Not Working

chamberlain garage door opener motion sensor not working
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chamberlain garage door opener motion sensor not working

You can set up your Chamberlain smart garage door with your myQ mobile app using Wi-Fi. This enables you to open or close your garage door from anywhere as long you have a steady internet connection.  It uses sensors to determine whether the door is currently open or close.

However, many users have been complaining about their Chamberlain garage door sensors not working properly. If you’re having similar issues then read through this article to find out some quick solutions that just might work for you too.

How To Fix Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Motion Sensor Not Working?

  1. Replace Batteries

The main function of the door sensor is to communicate with the hub and inform the user about the current position of the garage door. If you have been using the smart door opener for a long time then it is likely that the sensor batteries have dried out.

This is the reason why you can’t get your garage door to open up or close properly. All you have to do is buy 3V lithium battery cells and replace them with the old battery cell in the sensor. After you’re done just power cycle your device once and you’re good to go.

  1. Recalibrate Your Sensor

If the sensor is powering on but you still can’t get the garage door to open or close all the way then it is likely that there is a calibration issue. You can easily recalibrate your sensors by following the instructions mentioned in the user manual.

It will only take you around 5 minutes after which you should try opening the door and closing it 2 to 5 times. Once you’re satisfied with both positions, save the settings and that should probably sort out your problem.

  1. Reset Hub

Sometimes it is the hub that is the main reason why your sensors are not working properly. In which case you should reset the hub to factory settings and that will sort out any minor bugs affecting your system.

To do this simply gold the settings button for around 15 seconds until you notice LED light blinks, at which point you should release the button and press it again. Keep holding it until you hear a beep. This will indicate that your hub has successfully reset and you’ll have to configure it again.

  1. Support Team

If you’re unable to correctly identify the issue then we recommend that you contact the myQ support team and ask for their assistance. myQ support team is very responsive and takes customer complaints very seriously. Make sure to explain all details regarding your issue, it is even better if you can send them a video of your error.

This will enable them to pinpoint the actual problem and after the problem is identified they will be able to guide you through different methods to troubleshoot your particular problem. So, make sure to go to their website and open up a support ticket. After that simply wait for the support team members to respond.

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  1. door will not close with remote, installed new battery no help, when I press remote to close can hear buzzing noise from unit, ??? Remote will open door only.

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