Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Not Working: 4 Fixes

liftmaster garage door opener not working
liftmaster garage door opener not working

Liftmaster Garage doors are a great thing for you to have if you are looking to get something extraordinary and reliable for your garage door. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to get out of your vehicle to lift the door but you can control it with a button on your remote that you can get with these lifts. This is something highly convenient for most of the users out there, but if it is not working for some reason, that can cause you to have problems and here is how you can fix it.

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Not Working

1) Check the Batteries

The first thing that you will need to check in case the garage door is not working with your remote is the batteries on your remote. Be mindful that these batteries will not last for an eternity so you need to have them replaced periodically. If you are unable to make the remote work, simply remove the cover on your remote and install a fresh pair of batteries. This will solve the problem for you and you will not have to face any sort of issues with your gate not working.

It would be great if you always carry a fresh pair of batteries handy as they don’t weigh much and can save you from inconvenience of getting out of your vehicle on a cold night and opening the door manually.

2) Mind the Distance

You will also need to ensure that you are not trying it from a significant distance. These remotes are IR based and you need to be closer to the gate in order to have the system work optimally. So, make sure that you are using the remote to open and close the gate while you are just outside the garage door and not at some distance. This will ensure that the system is always working perfectly and there is not any sort of issues on your door or the remote.

3) Use some Lubricants

Garage door is a heavy thing to lift and while the system is fully electric, there are some mechanical parts such as hydraulics and lifting arms that do the hard work. So, if you are having some issues with your garage door not working, especially during the winters, there is a high possibility that the arms might have been dried and that will make the whole system stuck.

So, use the right lubricants for machines that will make the movement better and the gate will not get stuck at any point. This should solve the issue most of the times for you and you can conveniently rely on the remote to open the garage door for you.

4) Sensors Alignment

There are also some security sensors on the Liftmaster doors that ensure that only the right remote can trigger the opening or closing command and that it is opening safely without any hurdle or obstacle in-between. So, they might be out of alignment and you will need to contact Liftmaster to have the issue diagnosed and resolved properly for you.

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