Gatehouse vs Kwikset: What’s The Difference?

gatehouse vs kwikset
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gatehouse vs kwikset

Smart locks are undoubtedly a welcomed addition to all our lives but they also come at a price range that might not be easily affordable for all and you can have a hard time choosing the right lock for you. There are multiple features on these locks that you may or may not need so you will need to filter through these locks and ensure that you are getting the best of them according to the needs that you might have. So, with all the multiple brands out there choosing the right one for you can be quite a task.

Gatehouse vs Kwikset

Gatehouse and Kwikset are two of the most popular brands that make and distribute different types of locks that you can use for various purposes. If you are confused between these two brands and want to know which lock that you should be choosing for your home or office.


Gatehouse has mainly focused on all different types of traditional locks that are used for a lot of purposes and different types of doors. But they are also making some of the best electronic deadbolt locks that are unbreakable, and have a pretty strong feel around them. Despite the strength that these locks may have, these locks are also great in terms of aesthetics and designs so you will simply be loving the lock from gatehouse that you have hanged outside your door as it will be adding to the beauty instead of taking from it. The locks are equipped with metallic finish that is rugged so you don’t have to worry about any wear and tears even if you are planning on installing the Gatehouse lock on your main door for security reasons or any other purposes.

These locks are pretty great, and Gatehouse offers all the features on their locks series that you can find them on any sort of locks in the market but the best thing is that these locks have an unbeatable price tag on them that makes them the most affordable locks out there. If you are looking for some smart locks and that too on the budget, then Gatehouse should be the best thing to go for. Moving forward, you will miss the connectivity with your smartphone and other devices if that matters to you, but you get the dual option electric locks with Gatehouse that can be locked and unlocked using the key or pin code that you can enter on these locks. So, it would be the best choice for you if you want aesthetics and security in a budget and don’t want some bells and whistles attached like wireless connectivity then Gatehouse would be just the perfect choice for you to have.


Kwikset might be a bit on the expensive side for some people but it is a true definition of smart lock and you will simply love the experience that you can get on these locks. To begin with, Kwikset is offering one of the best designs out there that is a perfect combination of minimalism and modernistic touch so you will have the right, up-to-date feeling from these locks. These locks might look small, but they are tough for sure as they have 128-bit AES encryption on them making these locks a perfect choice for any home or office that you might want to install them. The best thing is that you won’t even have to change your existing locks and you can use Kwikset easily on any sort of doors that you might have including glass, wooden or metallic doors. Kwikset have a pretty wide range of collection and each model is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and unmatched features.

Some cool features that you get on Kwikset include smart home integration so your locks are always connected to Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Home assistant.  You also have the option on Kwikset to control them from any place in the world and you can get the status of your locks right on the smartphone application that you can use to connect all the locks. Another cool feature is that you just have to share the invite access link and anyone you want can access the door given that the they can open that link in their application.

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