SimpliSafe 105db Siren Not Working: 3 Fixes

simplisafe 105db siren not working
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simplisafe 105db siren not working

SimpliSafe also has some sirens that can alert people around for some emergencies. These sirens are connected with the smart home hub that you get from SimpliSafe so if there is any emergency like flooding, fire or short circuit, the siren will also be triggered. This is a great thing to have for any workspace, office, restaurant or even in your house if you have a large home and you want the right siren on it. If you feel like your SimpliSafe 105db siren is not working, here is how you can fix it.

SimpliSafe 105db Siren Not Working

1) Reset the Remote

The first thing that you should try out is resetting the remote. If you are unable to trigger the alarm using the remote, there are high chances that the siren might be working right but it is not paired with the remote correctly. So, you need to take the back cover off your siren and keep the black button that says program held for a few seconds. You will need to enter the pin consecutively three times while holding the program button. This will reset the siren and remote and you will be able to make it work like before. The siren can be triggered now whenever you press the panic button your remote so you can alert the people with your remote as well.

You need to be mindful that the siren will beep after you enter the pin for the third time as an affirmation that it has been setup properly. If you are unable to hear the beep, then there might be some issue and you need to set it up again until you are able to hear that confirming beep on the siren.

2) Reset the Siren

Luckily, there is also a reset button on the siren that you can use to reset it and program it all over again. If you are unable to make it work after you have reprogrammed the remote as well, then there might be some issue with the Siren and that you need to have checked. You must have the cover off your siren already if you are trying to reset it so that should not be an issue. So, all you need to do is keep the Reset button pressed for some time until you are able to hear the beep sound on the siren. Once you hear the beep, leave the reset button and program it again with the “program” button pressed and enter the pin three times.

3) Contact SimpliSafe

If you are unable to make it work after you have reset the siren and reprogrammed it as well. There might be something that has gone bad inside the siren and needs to be fixed. It would be best if you take it to an authorized service center for SimpliSafe and they will be able to diagnose the issue precisely and suggest you the best solution. They will notify you if the problem is repairable or you need a replacement for your SimpliSafe 105db siren.

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