Alexa Not Finding August Lock: 3 Ways To Fix

alexa not finding august lock
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alexa not finding august lock

Alexa is one of the smartest home assistants that is universally compatible with most of the smart home and automations products out there. You get voice control, scheduling and lots of other cool features by connecting your August Locks with Alexa, but setting it up is no easy task either. If your Alexa is having some issues with finding the August lock, here are a few things that you need to do.

Alexa Not Finding August Lock

1) Use the Bridge

While you may or may not be able to connect August Locks with your smart phones just by having the Native application on them, you will not be able to make that possible if you want optimization with other applications such as Alexa and that is why you will need a bridge.

A bridge is basically the device that connects your smartphone and August Locks in a better manner. So, if you are planning on using multiple locks around the house, having the bridge will be a perfect thing to have. Moreover, once you have the bridge installed, you will not only have to rely on the native August lock application but you can easily optimize and connect these locks to any other application that you might want to like Amazon Alexa and enjoy a seamless experience with the connectivity.

2) Try Resetting the lock

One more thing that you should try is resetting the lock as it will clear out all the errors that might be causing you to have difficulties with the connectivity but also you will be updating the firmware on your locks and that should do the trick. Resetting is pretty simple and all you will need to do is open the August lock app on your smartphone, access settings, go to devices menu and choose the device that you would like to reset.

Under the reset options, you will need to click on reset factory settings and it will reset the lock to its default settings. After you have reset the lock it will take a few minutes to restart and update the firmware. Once it restarts properly, try connecting it with Alexa again and that will work for you.

3) Update the August Application

Now, there is another catch and you should understand the working behind it first. Mainly Alexa connects with the devices directly but with some devices such as August Lock, you need the native August application on your phone to have them connected with Alexa. Basically, the August application supports Alexa compatibility and allows Alexa to take control if needed.

So, just connect the lock with the application on your phone again and then try connecting it with Alexa once more. If that doesn’t work out as it is supposed to, you will need to update the August application. The best way is to reinstall the application as it will not only clear all the errors that you might be getting, but it will also allow you to reconnect the lock with your application and download the latest version of August lock application on your phone.

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