4 Ways To Fix Echo Dot Volume Too Low

Echo Dot Volume Too Low
Echo Dot Volume Too Low

If you’re looking for an affordable smart speaker that offers good quality volume, then Echo Dot is the perfect thing for you. It’s a very handy gadget to have in your home. You can use it to play music, set alarms, or ask for any kind of information just by giving it the dedicated voice command.

What makes it even more convenient is the option to connect it to your Alexa mobile app. That way you can use your Echo Dot to control the other smart devices in your household, meaning that it basically doubles as a virtual assistant.

One of the most common concerns users have is that the volume on their Echo Dot is too low. If you have this issue and want to know how to fix it, stick around. Here are 4 ways to fix Echo Dot volume being too low

Fix Echo Dot Volume Too Low

1. Modify Skill Volume

Your Echo Dot seems to be working fine and you can clearly hear Alexa’s voice when using it. But when you decide to use the music skill you have trouble hearing any music. If this is the case, then the solution is very simple. You just need to adjust your skill volume. 

To do this just go into settings and find the skill that been giving you a hard time. It could be Spotify, or it could be whatever you are sourcing your music from. Then, click the Sounds button and adjust the slider to be on max volume. Once you’ve done this, play some music to make sure the issue is resolved.

In most cases, the volume on the music skill is not set to the max. Most people are not familiar with this so, naturally, they don’t know they have to manually modify the skills and configure the slider to be on maximum output. Now that you know, you’ll never have this problem again. However, if that did nothing, we’ll have to try something else.

2. Power Cycle

If you’ve modified your skill volume but the sound is still too low and you’re barely able to hear any music, then maybe a power cycle will fix it. 

To do this, you simply unplug your power adapter from your Echo Dot or from the outlet, wait for a few moments, and then plug it back in. That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t work all the time, but the fact that it works sometimes makes it a worthwhile mention. 

If you’ve already tried that and it didn’t solve the problem, then try this. Hold down the microphone off and volume down button until you see the light ring’s colour changing to orange. This should take approximately 20 seconds. 

Once the light ring turns orange, that means you’ve reset your Echo Dot. After this, you’ll have to configure it again. After you’ve set everything up, check if the problem is still present by using the music skill.

3. Use the Volume Ring

Use the Volume Ring

You’ve done everything we mentioned – and the volume still hasn’t budged? That could mean that the app is having some issues connecting to your Echo Dot. This will generally mean that you are unable to set the volume using the in-app configurations. 

In this case, you will need to increase the volume manually. You can do that by finding the volume ring that’s on the Echo Dot itself and simply sliding it to the max. Hopefully, this will be the answer to your worries.

4. Use an External Speaker

If your Echo Dot’s volume level is set to the max but you’re still not happy with the way it sounds and you wish the music was louder – then you should consider getting an external speaker. It’s easily connected to your Echo Dot and that way you can adjust the music to your liking. 

There are some high-quality speakers that you can get that offer the option to fine-tune the volume configurations exactly to your preference. So, if the Echo Dot’s max volume isn’t enough for you, maybe investing in a good speaker is the right move.


For most Echo Dot users, modifying the skill volume got rid of the issue. But if you’ve tried that and all of the other methods and they didn’t work then it’s best for a trained professional to take over. You can submit a support ticket to the Echo support team. 

Then, you’ll be able to get professional guidance to solve your issue. Make sure to mention all the fixes that you’ve tried so far so that you can get to the root of your problem significantly faster.

6 thoughts on “4 Ways To Fix Echo Dot Volume Too Low”

  1. I want Alexa’s voice to be louder, not the music! I can never hear her answers and have to ask for the volume to be turned up every time. Very annoying!

  2. I don’t listen to a lot of music, just skills, and every skill itself seems to have a different volume level! So I’m always saying Alexa, Louder” or volume down, or I have to use the buttons on the echo. Pretty annoying when you have several skills in your flash briefing and all have a different volume, and then Alexas voice is booming loud! I tell Alexa, louder or lower, more than any other command! It’s ridiculous!

  3. None of these work for me I found out that it was my adaptive sound that was causing my issue. Once I turned it off I was able to adjust it manually with no issue.


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