Fire TV Cube vs Echo Dot (Differences Between Fire TV Cube And Echo Dot)

Fire TV Cube Vs Echo Dot
Fire TV Cube Vs Echo Dot

Smart Home experience is being revolutionized significantly, and there are tons of different smart home assistants, devices, and other equipment being released by multiple companies.

Despite the fact that there are lots of smart home assistants and AI programs being developed, Amazon Alexa is one of the best things that you can have.

It was one of the very first smart home assistant programs that were developed and released.

The program is simply impeccable with the great possibilities it has achieved. The best thing about having Amazon Alexa is that it is compatible with a really wide range of devices available in the market.

No matter what smart home hub or any smart appliance you might choose, 95% of them are Alexa compatible, and that makes it a perfect choice for you to have to get the perfect smart home experience with the right convenience.

Alexa is also pretty easy to set up for you. Amazon has not settled with Alexa, but they have developed a cool range of smart home hubs and devices as well.

Fire TV Cube and Echo Dot are two devices from Amazon that you can get your hands on. Here is a brief comparison between both and what they do.

Fire TV Cube vs Echo Dot

Specifics Fire TV Cube Echo Dot
IR Compatibility  Yes No
Features Moderate Extensive
Market Sentiment Moderate Phenomenal
Design Basic Decent

While you will find some owners saying that the Fire Cube is pretty similar to Alexa and can be substituted easily, you will struggle with the system when it comes to unique features like “Drop In” and “Multi Room.”

Moreover, some owners have mentioned responsiveness issues when using the cube.

There is no debate that the Fire TV Cube is a great unit, but you can’t compare it with the Echo Dot.

alexa unit

It is true that you will get amazing performance as far as the IR blaster is concerned. However, you can always pair up the Fire Stick with the Alexa unit. 

That way, you will be able to completely control your TV system while also relying on the smart features offered by the Echo Dot.

So, if you can’t seem to give up on the smart features offered by The Echo unit, sticking with the combination of the Echo Dot as well as the Fire Stick with the TV is better. 

With that said, some owners do find the Fire Cube to be better for their setup. While the confirmations are a bit more complex, you will still get decent performance from the system. So, there is no real loss in going with one system over the other.

Most of the time, everything boils down to the features you’re aiming for. If you’re more into a smart hub structure that will serve you well in the long run, then going with the Echo Dot is a good idea.

However, if you’re not that sold on the value and need IR controls, then Fire Cube is for you. 

Similarly, if you’re not that worried about the budget and can afford to spend a bit more on the purchase, then going with a combo of the Echo Dot along with the Fire Stick is the best option.

This combo will provide a comprehensive list of features and controls.

Lastly, when it comes to the design, the circular structure maintained by the Echo Dot is better. Its minimal presence will blend into your home decoration, and you will not find this unit to stick out from other pieces.

However, when you look at the robust cubic structure offered by the Fire TV Cube, it will bring a more demanding presence. So, you struggle a bit to free up the space or to blend in the theme when sticking with this option.

Here are more details on how you can check Fire TV Cube and the Echo Dot. 

Fire TV Cube

Fire TV Cube is the first-of-its-kind device that allows you to have voice control over any Smart TV that you have. The most amazing part is that it works perfectly with all the Smart TV brands.

You can manage all your subscriptions efficiently, including Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Disney, and a lot more.

The Fire TV Cube allows you to have the right freedom to use the TV you might have.

You can control your TV with just your voice. Imagine saying, “Alexa, turn on the TV and dim the lights” after a long day of work, and it actually works while you don’t have to move a finger sitting on your couch.

fire tv cube

Well, this can be done with the help of a Fire TV Box.

In addition, to have the right convenience, the Fire TV Box comes with a built-in speaker that is used for acknowledging any sort of commands, notifications, and a lot more.

It can help you check the weather with Alexa even when the TV is off, so it would be a good choice to have. 

You can basically have a Fire TV box connected to your Smart TV, and Alexa will handle everything linked to your TV for you.

However, you will still have to give up on the more advanced features like “drop in,” and that can be a deal breaker for some owners.

It all comes down to what features you’re aiming for and whether or not you’re willing to let go of some of the more basic features.

So, it is best first to list down all of the features that you’re aiming for. That way, you will not be disappointed by the final purchase and will be able to stick to a brand that you like. 

Amazon Echo Dot

Echo is one of the smallest smart home hubs out there. It doesn’t look like much, but it adds the perfect value to your smart home experience.

To start with the design, unlike the Fire TV Cube, the Echo dot is round with a seamless design. It has buttons on its top, allowing you the right control over your Echo dot device.

Echo dot has a pretty compatible shape, and you will never have to face any issues with putting it on your desk or anyplace convenient. You can place it on the work desk, the side table beside your bed, or anywhere you may find convenient. 

The contemporary design and looks on the dot make it the right choice for you to have the best of both worlds. The light ring on the top of the echo dot covers all the devices, unlike one side on the Fire TV Cube.

In addition to all the advantages you get on the design factor, the Amazon Echo dot is not built to control a single device like the TV, only for Fire TV Cube. 

amazon echo dot

Amazon Echo Dot is capable of working as a stand-alone Alexa-enabled device and speaker or can be the smart home hub for you to control all your appliances and devices that might be connected over the Wi-Fi and are Alexa compatible.

You can use it to manage your Amazon Alexa account, get notifications and updates, manage appliances across the houses, and much more. 

So, it would be a worthy choice for you if you don’t want just a controller for your TV but want to have the full advantage of a smart home hub and voice-controlled device.

Similarly, you still have the option to choose the Echo Dot along with the basic IR controllers or the Fire Stick, and you will be able to replicate the situation with the Fire Cube TV without losing any features.

So, be sure to extend your budget if you don’t wish to let go of the IR controller.

Lastly, you can stick with the expert opinion if you still can’t seem to make the final purchase decision. The experts will guide you accordingly. 

ask the expert

Wrapping Up

The decision between the Echo Dot and the Fire TV Cube can be a bit difficult. However, you should get a better perspective on the purchase decision after going through the details above.

From there, you can pick the system that best matches your budget and requirements.

Most of the time, you can think of Fire TV Cube to be an assistant as well as an IR controller. While its presence as an assistant is pretty robust, you will still get limited features.

Some of the more solid features like “Drop In” and “Calls” are not present.

Similarly, if you are more into IR controllers and need some system to help you with the older devices, then going with the Echo Dot is not that good of an idea.

However, if you’re still confused, then we suggest that you call it a day and reach out to the official support team.

You can explain the issue to these experts and then have them guide you through the situation. They will help you pick the ideal fit for your requirements. 

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