Defiant vs Kwikset: What’s The Difference?

defiant vs kwikset
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defiant vs kwikset

Smart Locks have not only made our lives more convenient but they also add an added sense of comfort and security to our lives and that is why most people are adapting these smart locks.

The confusion still remains as there are multiple options out there in the market with different sorts of encryption and features to them and it might get hard for you as a consumer to know which one should be the right choice for you.

Defiant and Kwikset are two of the most important and popular smart lock options that are pretty well, and you will have a hard time deciding between them.

A fair comparison of both based on the features and pros and cons that can help you make an effective decision between them.

Defiant vs Kwikset


Defiant is one of the most versatile brands that offer a wide range of deadbolt and some other locks that you can use for your main door or even for the rooms or doors inside the office.

Defiant have some pretty cool locks that are smart and can be connected with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with your smartphone and you are not going to need any sort of key to unlock them.

While a key is not necessary, Defiant offers you dual option on most of their locks and if needed you can also use a key for unlocking according to your choice.

The best thing about Defiant lock is their design that would go flawlessly with any sort of design that you might have for your home. They have some of the best traditional and metallic finish on the locks ranging from antique wooden doors to the modernistic and minimalist finish.

So, If you are worried about aesthetics as well and want some smart locking solution that would not make your door look bulky or hideous, then you can find the perfect lock choices from the Defiant collection.

The best part is that their keys platform is same as that you may find on Kwikset, but what makes them stand apart is the wide choice with multiple unlocking options that include keypads with codes, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and key unlocking options making the smart lock experience a lor more convenient and easier to use for you.

These locks are also pretty cost efficient and since you will not have to replace your existing locking system while using Defiant locks on a door, you will be saving on installation, cost of the lock and maintenance costs as well in the longer run.


While Defiant are sort of hybrid locks that carry the best of both worlds, there is a catch with them and you cannot have remote access to the lock with your application.

There are also some other smart features that you will have to compromise upon if you go with Defiant.

On the other hand, Kwikset might not have a huge range of designs, but they are offering some pretty cool and awesome locks loaded with tons of usable features and that is what you might call an actual smart locking system.

These locks are pretty mentalistic when it comes to design and while there are not many options to choose from, these are designed to fit any sort of door let it be metallic, wood or any other material and look flawless, adding the right aesthetics to the household or office.

Moving forward, these Kwikset locks are pretty easy to install and manage and the app from Kwikset ensures a great optimization experience with all the Kwikset locks that you might be using.

The app has remote access features that allows you to control your locks from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you also get alerts in case you forgot to lock the door while leaving.

There are also customizable user codes so that you can give access to anyone you want for a specific period of time if you need to.

This allows you the right convenience and security to send access to any contractors that might have to work at the place and the code will not work next day if you don’t want it to.

The cherry on top is log on the app that lets you know who has accessed the doors in case you have multiple users.

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