7 Common Ultraloq Lock Problems Troubleshooting

common ultraloq lock problems troubleshooting
common ultraloq lock problems troubleshooting

Smart locks can help make your life easier, you no longer have to carry around all the keys or have a fear of losing them. Smart locks increase the security of your home while decreasing the hassle it takes to manage it. You no longer have to wonder whether or not you locked your door.

Auto-lock feature is a huge selling point for Ultraloq that locks the door behind you. Ultraloq makes sure that its customers feel secure in their homes. However, there are still some issues that you might run into. Here is a list of some common issues and how you can fix them.

Troubleshooting Common Ultraloq Lock Problems

  1. Jamming Issues

door jam

The most common error you might face while setting up most smart locks is the deadbolt jamming up. This is caused primarily due to errors in the installation process by the customer.

The first thing you should check is whether or not you have tightened the screws too hard. This is one of the main reasons why your deadbolt is jamming up.

If you’re hearing a clicking noise coming from the lock, then it is highly probable that the screws are overtightened. In some cases, it might stop operating altogether. So, make sure to loosen the screws a bit and leave them some wiggle room.

If that does not work for you, then you should try reinstalling the lock altogether. Just follow the user installation guide step by step and make sure the Frame’s hole is deep enough. Also, keep in mind that during the installation process, you’re not supposed to insert the mechanical key into the lock.

  1. App Not Connecting

phone issue

Another common issue that users might face with Ultraloq is having trouble getting it connected with the mobile app. It can be because you’re putting in the incorrect model number.

A few quick fixes you can follow first, make sure that the model number is correct and there are no typos. Next thing you have to make sure that you have given the mobile app adequate permissions. This includes the location, Bluetooth, Camera, and so on.

You can also try clearing the app data. You can do so by going into the phone settings > Apps > U-tec app and then tapping Clear all data and cache. Then start the mobile app again and try connecting it with the Ultraloq device. Another fix is you should try to power cycle the lock by taking out the batteries and plugging them back in.

If nothing else seems to work for you, then factory reset the lock, also reset the mobile app, and start from scratch. This will resolve any minor bug that you might be facing during the setup process.

  1. Fingerprint Not Working


Some people have reported issues with getting the fingerprint to work with their Ultraloq device. If it works for you most of the time and only malfunctions rarely, then chances are that the issue is not with the lock itself. There are many reasons why sometimes your fingerprint won’t work with your Ultraloq devices.

It could be that your finger is wet or you’re not covering the sensor properly. Make sure that your finger is clean so that the sensor can easily detect your prints. Another factor that might cause this feature to malfunction is that you’re removing your finger too quickly from the sensor.

Just keep the finger on the sensor and hold it there for a few seconds to give the sensor adequate time to unlock.

Furthermore, clean your finger if it is not working and try again. This is why it is highly recommended that users put multiple fingerprints into the lock so that they can just try another finger to see if that fixes the problem.

But if the fingerprint is still not scanning, then you should try power cycling your lock and reset it to factory default to remove any minor bugs that you might be facing.

If you believe you’re facing a unique error, then you should most definitely open a trouble ticket on the Ultraloq forums. That way, the support team can help you in the most efficient way. Just follow their instructions step by step, and you’ll be all set.

  1. Wi-Fi Problems

wifi phone

Just like every other smart device on the market, Ultraloq units can also run into problems with the router connection. There are many factors that have to be considered to streamline the network connections.

Most of the time, it is not that difficult to isolate these Wi-Fi errors. All you have to do is to check the network band, range, and interferences. Start by limiting the errors to the channel band.

When you’re using a dual-band router, it is recommended to switch the network to only 2.4 GHz. The credentials are usually the same for 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz networks. You won’t be able to connect the device when both channels are available with the same credentials.

Once the router is connected to the lock after limiting the band to 2.4 GHz, you can open up the 5.0 GHz channel again with a different name. Make sure to also bring the lock or the router within a 15 ft range.

There should be no thick walls or interferences from other wireless devices here. Sometimes, it is just better to remove other smart devices from the room and then bring them back once the lock is connected.

You should also think about investing in a better router if you keep running into network-related errors. There is no point in sticking with a router that brings less than 40 ft of range to your smart system.

  1. Power Issues

Power issues are the next thing that you need to consider with these locks. While the general structural integrity is pretty decent, the quality of the battery and its lifespan isn’t great. You will have to cycle through many replacements within a few weeks.

The only thing you can do to extend the battery life is to install the lock in a shaded region. Make sure that the device is not in direct sunlight for the whole day. That should be enough to improve the battery life.

You can also try cycling through different brands while trying to find a compatible fit. Going with the original battery is not always the best choice. So, consider your options and try switching brands.

  1. Programming Bugs

programming code

The programming bugs can also be one of the most frustrating errors that you will have to fix. These errors can almost always be fixed by a quick reset. So, if you’ve just bought the unit, give it a quick reset.

Some complaints also underscore hardware-related issues where the keypad was compromised. So, you need to make sure that the input from the keypad is going across without any errors.

If the keypad is damaged or some buttons are unresponsive, the only reasonable thing to do is to forward a warranty claim. You’re not liable for any delivery damages. Just reach out to the dealer, and he will address these errors for you.

Ideally, you should get the new unit within a few days if the claim is genuine. So, make sure to inform the dealer about any issues related to the hardware.

  1. Installation Problems

Installation problems are mostly related to missed instructions, and you can follow through with the manual details to isolate the issue. It won’t take you more than a few minutes to narrow down the problem.

Just check the tight connection of the unit with the door frame. Fix the alignment of the lock. Make sure that the screws are not too tight. Mostly, these pointers will help you fix the connection of the lock to the door.

Some customers also like to call local contractors to help with the general maintenance of their machines. So, if you’ve yet to address these issues, just call a local contractor. He will make it effortless to get ahead of all these issues.

Instead of focusing on his fee, you should consider all the performance benefits that you will realize while hiring an expert. Moreover, you will be able to avoid minor programming errors.

Wrapping Up

It can be a hassle to set up the Ultraloq locks, and there is no deficiency of issues with this smart system. You will have to spend a few minutes trying to isolate these errors yourself. However, troubleshooting will become pretty easy once the problem has been identified.

Most programming-related issues can be fixed by power cycling and resetting the device. Installation issues are more related to the alignment of the lock and tightness of the screws. Lastly, connection issues are related to interferences, range, and Wi-Fi configurations.

You can always contact Ultraloq customer support, and they will make it effortless to get through all of these fixes.

18 thoughts on “7 Common Ultraloq Lock Problems Troubleshooting”

  1. My UL3 isn’t giving the options for lock mode. I used to set it to open and then normal when I leave my office. Now, it doesn’t give me those options.

  2. My fingerprint stopped working all together as well 🙁 deleted and Reset lock, re-added fingerprint (which seemed to work). nothing. No response at all. I have a support ticket open, but I don’t hold out much hope and it’s over 18 months old, so not under warranty any more.

    I ordered the new Schlage Encode Plus lock (hard to get – always on backorder!) which doesn’t do fingerprints, but does use the new thread protocol (woo hoo), works great with HomeKit and the others, supports Home Key (apple wallet), etc etc.

    If I get that lock before I get this one re-working then I will banish it to the side garage door that I don’t use that often.

    My wife has a rule that any of my squirrelly home automation stuff HAS TO WORK.

    • They mate I am having the same issue. I also power cycled and reset it. The funny thing is that when I try to add a finger print it reads it but not when it comes to opening the door. I bought mine last year Jan so yeah out of warranty as well. I wonder if the new frame ware update messed it up.

  3. Very good lock/app initially. 6 months later can no longer link/pair app to lock (Ultra loq U Bolt not Pro). Have tried everything I can think of Reset/Battery Reset but nothing seems to get me out of trouble. Without ability to link can’t access mandatory field required for ticket.

  4. Mine is also doing the same thing. Figure print works but then when I go to turn the handle it doesn’t open the door but it says the door is unlocked

  5. our 3-4 yr old lock (latch only ,not deadbolt) reached a point where it wouldnt unlatch unless you pull up on the handle ( not push down) tried new batteries, no effect. Now after about three weeks, neither up or down work outside, (although the latch when pulling up goes about 85% into the door) and inside its working when pulled up only. Whats up?

    • My door handle is doing exactly the same. Won’t open when you push down, only when you pull up. Don’t know what the fix is. Super frustrating.

  6. Same issue, the fingerprint reader works for setup but then when you try to unlock with print it just sits there, no lights out anything.

  7. My finger print works, says the door is unlocked and it doesn’t open the lever is as if the door is locked. My model is ul3 bt.

    • Mine just started doing the same thing two days ago, luckily I had my key. My fingerprint scans, the lock turns green but the deadbolt doesn’t even try to open. It still locks automatically and with the ultraloq button though. I haven’t found a solution for the problem yet.

  8. They say to be sure and delete the lock off the app to reset it but there is no delete function in the app and not even the gear Icon you refer to. So no way to delete a previously registered lock. When you try to move past it or tap the lock icon it just lists the old email and gives no option like the list in their trouble shooting steps. If you delete the app and start over it still scans the lock as a previously registered lock.

  9. My ultraloq has stopped reading any fingerprint for over 3 months now. It does nothing when anyone places a fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner. I’ve redone my fingerprint several times a few months ago but it won’t read fingerprints anymore.

      • My UL3 worked great then the fingerprint reader won’t even light up–good thing the code always works but I paid for the fingerprint too–I’ve used these locks on several properties but one of the locks is really annoying me–I think the only thing to do is replace it since it is over 2 years old. I’ve factory reset it and changed the batteries–I don’t want to redo the app because then the other 5 locks would have to be re-entered. My other locations are in more shady locations–does the sun have something to do with this problem?

    • Mine never did work and now my passcode quit working as well.
      They have issues they don’t admit to and can’t permanently fix them.
      Usually if you take the batteries out the issues go away for a short time


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