6 Tips For Resolving BSIMB Photo Frame Not Receiving Pictures

bsimb photo frame not receiving pictures
bsimb photo frame not receiving pictures

The multi-connection features brought forward by the BSIMB unit enable family members across the world to send and receive photos. It brings a massive touch screen, and once all the users are set up on the Photo Frame, the rest of the process is simple.

You won’t have to spend any more time in the installation, and the Photo Frame will sync up across different connections. While this unit is pretty consistent in the majority of situations, you will still run into a few functionality-related issues every now and then.

One of the more common problems with the BSIMB Photo frame is that it will sometimes not receive pictures. So, here are a few solutions that can help you through this issue.

Troubleshooting BSIMB Photo Frame Not Receiving Pictures

  1. Check The Quality Of Internet Connection

When the photo frame is not receiving pictures, you should start by checking the quality of the internet connection. If the BSIMB photo frame is placed out of the range of your network router, your library won’t update even if the pictures are getting uploaded to the server.

So, you should start by checking the quality of the internet connection and then move towards other possibilities when the quality of the internet connection is not up to mark.

  1. Update Software On Your BSIMB Photo Frame

Being on an outdated software version for too long will also lead to similar situations where the BSIMB photo frame will stop receiving pictures. So, you just have to check the current software version through the BSIMB application and try to update your unit. This won’t take much of your time if the network connection is decent, and the photo frame will start receiving pictures after the update.

  1. Reduce File Size 

Reducing the file size should be your next move after updating the software. If the files are over 100 MBs, then it is a good idea to compress the files and then upload them to the server. While the BSIMB system supports files up to 200 MBs, it is a better idea to go with a reduced file size to maneuver through uploading problems. So, you should either compress the photos or try a smaller file and then check the response from the BSIMB photo frame again.

  1. Hard Reboot Your Mobile Device

Bugs in the mobile application can also lead to this situation where the file won’t get uploaded properly on the server. So, you should try to hard reboot your mobile device by holding down the volume and the power button for a few seconds. Once the device reboots, try connecting your mobile phone with a good router, and then hard reboot the mobile device. This would get your device working again, and you won’t have to deal with uploading issues again.

  1. Use An Older Version Of The Application

Another method of getting around the uploading issues is by using an older version of the mobile application. You can easily find different versions of the application by browsing the internet. So, find an older setup file and try downloading that on your mobile phone.

This will get your device working again, and you won’t have to bother with the same complications. If the uploading feature works perfectly after using an older version, then you need to wait for developers to launch a new update for the application.

While it is a good idea to update the application as soon as the new version rolls out, sometimes, the new version is loaded with bugs. So, make sure to switch back to the older version of the BSIMB photo frame that is not receiving pictures after the update.

  1. Check Server Status For BSIMB Frame

Even if the photo frame from BSIMB is working perfectly, you won’t be able to receive any pictures when the servers are down. So, you should inquire about the server status after going through these steps. There is nothing that you can do about receiving pictures until the servers are up again.

Ideally, you won’t have to wait for more than a few hours to get the desired performance from the BSIMB Photo frame. On the other hand, if the servers are offline and you’re still stuck in the same issues, then call the customer support department for help.

5 thoughts on “6 Tips For Resolving BSIMB Photo Frame Not Receiving Pictures”

  1. My BSIMB successfully relieves my photos as they are showing up under messages but they are not being displayed on the screen

  2. I am getting an “Unfortunately, VPhoto has stopped” error on the digital screen. I have unplugged it several times and the same message appears on the screen. I can’t find any ways to fix this from the app. Any suggestions?

  3. Be Advised: If you are using an IOS Phone to upload your photos to your frame using an mobile email message format. There is an issue.
    When you attach your photos to your mobile email message, the iPhone operating system changes the photo file name to img0001.jpg., 0002.jpg and so on. These photos will upload to your frame the first time you do the upload. However the next time you try to mobile email upload messages the file name of the next set of pics start again at img0001.jpg and so on. Your frame sees the same file name in the second/third upload etc and does not upload the pics. you might consider using an email website in a browser on your iPhone,


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