10 Solutions to Fix Bissell Vacuum Blinking Red Light When Charging

Bissell Vacuum Blinking Red Light When Charging

The Bissell Cordless units are one of the most dependable cleaning units on the market. The docking station brings a durable frame and a ton of smart features to keep your home clean.

Moreover, the setup will only take you a few minutes.

You can keep track of the device status by inspecting the status light. Usually, the red blinking light when charging will indicate normal operation when the battery is low.

It will switch to green when your Bissell unit charges properly. 

Bissell Vacuum Blinking Red Light When Charging

If you’re noticing charging errors and the situation with Bissell Vacuum blinking red light when charging won’t go away, then you might be dealing with hardware or service issues.

Luckily, there is no need to get alarmed, and you can test out several basic fixes to get the unit in order.

So, if you’re using a Bissell Vacuum and it won’t charge properly even with the blinking red light, just go through some of these troubleshooting methods.

  1. Check For Cable Damage

Cable Damage

The cable damage is the biggest reason behind the charging errors, and you need to grab a replacement immediately.

This unit might be efficient, but you will still have to be careful while using the charging equipment.

The power cable can get damaged if you are rough with the unit, and it is occasionally bent out of shape.

So, if you’re in the same boat with the frayed or kinked cable, you need to grab a fresh replacement.

  1. Fix Machine Alignment On Charging Base

If you were careful with the unit and the machine seems to be in good shape, you just need to adjust the alignment of the main unit with the charging base.

Make sure that the contact points are aligned properly and that there is no space between the device and the charging base.

Simply picking up the vacuum and placing it correctly on the caring base one more time will address this issue.

So, if there is no hardware damage to the power cable, just fix the alignment, and that would be it.

  1. It Might Be A Good Time To Service Your Device


There is always a possibility that you’re running into these errors because of servicing errors.

If you’ve not cleaned the device up to this point, or the base is covered with debris and pet hair, then you need to service both components immediately.

You can easily remove the hair from the unit and then grab a damp cloth to get rid of the debris.

From there, just place the device on top of the charging base, and that would be it when it comes to charging errors.

  1. Clean Contact Points

The contact points might be at fault here, and you need to make sure that the power flow between the charging base and the vacuum is optimal.

When there are obstructions between these contact points or they are covered with debris, you won’t get any charging process.

So, just grab a cleaner from the market and scrub away the dirt and debris clogged on these connection points.

That will mostly be it when it comes to charging errors with the Bissell Cordless vacuum.

  1. Fix Voltage Output Error


The voltage output from the power source might also be to blame here. You need to set up all the devices from scratch, and there aren’t many other options left at this stage.

So, just fix the voltage output errors and then check the response from your main device.

Sometimes, trying a different outlet will do the trick, but if you haven’t maintained the electrical connections in your home for a few months, then calling an expert might be a better move.

So, make sure to reach out to these professionals, and they will guide you accordingly.

  1. Inspect Bissell Vacuum For Damage


At this point, you should just start inspecting the main unit for damage.

Even if there are rough patches or minor cracks on the bottom of the vacuum, it is a smarter idea to just claim the warranty.

That way, you won’t have to pay extra to grab a fresh replacement.

However, if the unit is in perfect shape and it didn’t get damaged during delivery or initial setup, then the problem is likely related to the programming side of things.

So, you will have to power cycle the device competently or reset it to factory settings.

  1. A Quick Reset Might Be In Order


Resetting the unit will only take a minute, and you can follow through with the instructions on the manual to reset your particular Bissell unit.

It will get rid of all the programming errors, but you will have to set up the unit from scratch. So, keep that in mind if you do decide to reset.

  1. Get A New Battery

On the other hand, if you’ve been using the unit for years, the battery might be completely drained out.

To address this situation, you need a fresh replacement to help with the power demands of the machine.

Luckily, a new battery should be pretty affordable and won’t set up back hundreds of bucks.

So, browse through the official Bissel store, and grab a battery replacement for your vacuum.

  1. Make Sure To Use Compatible Charger & Battery


The charger and the battery compatibility might also be at fault here.

If you’re not using the accessories or replacement recommended by the official support, then that is likely why your Bissell vacuum is blinking red light while charging.

So, try to get compatible pieces for your vacuum.

  1. Ask The Official Support

Customer Support

The official support is always more than happy to help customers, and you can directly reach out to these professionals for support.

They will help guide you through a fix after narrowing down the main error with the device.

So, if you’re still stuck in the same error and can’t seem to figure out the exact cause behind this issue, just reach out to the official support.

Hopefully, you will get the unit working again in no time.

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