August Lock Invite Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

august lock invite not working
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august lock invite not working

August Locks are the best smart lock options that you can get from the market and they are pretty great in terms of convenience and security. August locks have to offer tons of cool features that make the whole smart lock experience a bliss for you and you will love having these locks around. One such cool feature is shared access that allows you to share the link to other people who can unlock these locks through their phones. If the invitation is not working, here is how you can fix it.

August Lock Invite Not Working

1) Try a restart on your phone

The most common and most workable solution for these sort of tech problems is restarting the phone and all gets well. So, if you have received an invitation and you are unable to get it working, you will need to try a restart on your phone. This will ensure that there are not any sorts of connectivity issues that can hinder your experience and you will be getting the feature to work easily. Once you have restarted the phone, try clicking on the link again and you will get access to the locks easily in your app.

2) Check network connection

Most of the times such issues are a result of slow internet speed or if your internet speed is getting affected by some reason and it should be pretty easy to have that fixed. You will need to ensure that the recipient phone has good network connection and should have the right internet speed to ensure that it is able to establish the connection with the lock without having any issues. Once you make that sure, try clicking on the link again ad you will be able to gain access easily.

3) Update the application

You must know that the encryption is on the application and your app sends a unique encryption code to the lock for unlocking purposes. So, if you are having the issue with the link not working, this might be caused due to an outdated application.

The main thing to keep in mind at this point is that if either of the applications like sender or receiver is using the outdated information, the link will not work. Make sure that you are updating the application on both the phones and then send a fresh link after you have updated the application on both the phones and it will help you gain access easily without getting any sort of problems.

4) Reset the lock

If you have tried everything above and you are unable to make it work despite checking the network connection and updated the applications on both the apps, you will need to reset the lock and that will make it work for you. Reset should be easy and you can try resetting the lock through the application that you are mainly using for the connectivity. The reset option is available in the settings and then you will be able to connect it with the app again and invite link option will start working.

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