Yeelight E26 vs E27- Which One?

yeelight e26 vs e27
yeelight e26 vs e27

Yeelight is a popular brand that offers different lighting options for your smart home. There are different products that are all aimed towards giving the user a better viewing experience of their smart house. These smart bulbs are all oriented towards giving the user more accessibility to their house’s lighting.

Yeelight E26 vs E27

Both E26 and E27 are really popular models of smart bulbs that Yeelight offers. Both come with slightly different features. On the internet, users have been seen comparing both the models due to which now many individuals are confused when making the decision of which one they should be buying.

Through this article, we will be comparing Yeelight E26 vs E27. We will be taking a look at the aspects of both these bulbs in order to help you learn which one of them is the better option for you. So, let’s get right into the comparison!

  1. Design

One of the first things that come into a person’s mind when comparing light bulbs is the design. For any lighting appliance, the shape is a really important factor. According to the bulb’s design, it will illuminate your room accordingly. There are still a few exceptions but it is mostly the case.

Both these models have almost the same design, with only a slight change. As a result, you shouldn’t feel much of a difference while using any of the bulbs as they look mostly the same. Both of them feature a simplistic approach to the design.

  1. Build Quality

Build quality is another important factor that usually goes hand in hand with the design of anything. A device not having a good build quality will probably break after some use. This is why it is incredibly crucial that all devices feature great build quality.

When taking a look at the light bulbs, both of them seem to have solid build quality. There really isn’t anything to complain on this department. Both of them are made using high-quality materials which is why they are also as durable.

  1. Features

Features are what separates a normal appliance from a smart appliance. Smart devices come with all kinds of features that are aimed towards making the user’s experience more comforting and simpler. For instance, smart devices come with the feature of being able to remotely control them through both your phones and voice.

Luckily, both bulbs feature built-in Wi-Fi. There is also no requirement of needing a separate hub or bridge as you can use the bulb alone. However, what makes the E27 apart from the E26 is that it also comes with the support of LIFX cloud connectivity.

  1. Interchangeable

One thing that many users seem to want to know is whether the two bulbs are interchangeable? In case you didn’t know, the E26 stands for 26mm, whereas the E27 model represents 27mm. Hence, the difference in size is barely noticeable.

Both the bulbs are indeed interchangeable. However, there is a difference in voltage as one of them is the European version whereas the other one is the US version.

  1. User Rating

Before we move on and give our final review, it is important that we take a look at what the users think about both these models. When taking a look at these reviews, there really isn’t much of a difference between them.

Users seem to be happy with the performance of both these models. In fact, there is barely any difference between the bulbs that make an impact on the lights of their smart house.

The Bottom Line

Comparing Yeelight E26 vs E27, here are some of the things that you will need to know about both models. If you are wondering about which one of them you should get for yourself, then you will have to first determine the type of voltage that you have running in the house. Choose the bulb accordingly as one of them is the European model while the other one’s based on the US.

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