Decora Switches vs Toggle Switches- Which One?

decora switches vs toggle
decora switches vs toggle

Switches are one of the most important things in a house. They are used to control different electrical appliances that you have in your house. They may also be used to turn on/off all the lights that you have in your house.

In pretty much every electrical system, switches are used as control devices. Using these switches, the operator is allowed to turn on/off different things. Hence, they have a wide range of applications in both houses as well as other fields.

Decora Switches vs Toggle

Switches come in a variety of different forms. So, whenever one wants to install switches in his house, he often thinks about which switches should he use. Most commonly, people get stuck on choosing between the two different switches, better known as Decora vs Toggle switches.

If you are also someone who is having a hard time choosing between these two switches, then this article should be of great help to you. Through this article, we will be listing all the different aspects of the switches.

Decora Switches

Decora switches are most commonly referred to as Rocker switches. The reason why they are regarded as Rocker switches is simply that they have a switch that rocks back and forth between OFF and ON with just a touch of your finger.

The main benefit of these types of switches is that they also support backlighting. Due to backlighting, users are also allowed to easily determine whether the switch is flipped ON or OFF as it illuminates the whole interface of the switch. They also take up more space when compared to other types of switches.

However, due to the design of these switches, the downside of such switches is that they can make debris build under the switch. As a result, if the switch is not regularly maintained, it will develop problems due to which it might even get impossible to use the switch.

The most common use of rocker or decora switches is in interior applications. The reason behind it is simply because the minimal force is required from the user in order to use the switch.


  • Ability to fully customize icons
  • Supports backlighting


  • Takes more space than usual
  • Debris can also gather up in an unsealed switch.

Toggle Switches

You may have already seen toggle switches being used in plenty of different applications as it has a type of small lever (referred to as the bat) that needs to be flipped up or down. Flipping the switch changes its state to either ON or OFF.

In size, these switches are quite small as they barely take any space at all. They are also very durable as they usually come with metal housings. They are mostly the go-to choice for both industrial and exterior applications.

The most noticeable different thing about such switches is that they have a mounting interface on the back. Hence, they are the most ideal for use in circuit boards. In fact, circuit boards most usually have these switches installed on them.

But there is a major drawback of using such switches. If lightning is needed, then you will most probably have to make use of illuminated toggles. Also, even though it does support lighting features, there is still the limitation of choosing what color you need. There is a small margin out of which you choose, but you cannot further customize them.


  • Takes a lot less space
  • Best used with circuit boards
  • Can be easily sealed
  • The switches are all durable


  • Has minimum backlighting feature
  • Labeling is a bit more restricted
  • You will be needing a toggle lock washer

The Bottom Line

Comparing Decora switches vs toggles, here are all the things that you will need in order to learn which one of the switches is the better option for you. We have mentioned the pros and cons of both switches.

The final decision still lies on you we highly recommend you go for the switches that best suit your needs.

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