Witti Notti Smart Notification Light: An Overview

witti notti smart notification light
witti notti smart notification light

With a ton of companies joining the smart home market every year, you will find many unique products in the stores. From innovative lighting solutions to improved smart cameras, you can take your smart system to the next level. The only downside to these new units is that they can sometimes be pricey, and you will need to have a massive budget to add these devices to your smart system.

On the other hand, options like the Witti Notti smart notification light maintain a decent price point while still offering unique features to the owners. This unit has attracted the attention of many owners with its color variety and extensive range of customizable options. So, here are some details on the Witti Notti smart notification light.

About The Witti Notti Smart Notification Light 

The Witti Notti smart notification light has become really popular because of its compact size and easy-to-configure color options. You can pair this smart light with your smartphone to get access to quick notifications through the customized light colors.

After pairing up the mobile device with this notification light, owners can define the color responses to mobile notifications. That way, when you’re busy doing house chores, a quick glance at this smart notification light will inform you of any new notifications on the mobile phone.

It is incredibly easy to set up, and the notification features are not the only thing that attracted customers to this brand. The addition of the wake-up light feature allows owners to sync up their alarms with this light and replicate the increase in brightness of the sun to project day and night cycles.

This feature has been the driving force behind the popularity of this light, and you won’t have to go through extensive setup procedures to set up the Witti Notti smart unit.

The best thing about this unit from Witti Notti is that you can pair it up with the music playing on your smartphone, and the light will pulse according to the beat of the music. This pulsing effect creates an immersive environment where the light replicates the mood and tone of the music. So, in addition to being a smart notification light, this unit provides a variety of features to improve the perceived value.

The only complaint that some owners had was that this smart light is a bit too small. On the other hand, some customers were happy that they didn’t have to clear up a lot of space to add this smart unit to their system. So, if you’re in the same situation and don’t want to free up space on your table, then going with Witti Notti is not a bad choice.

Overall, Witti Notti’s smart notification light is a great device that is pretty affordable and serves as a unique addition to your house. It has an elegant design, and the notification features make this device pretty useful. Moreover, the therapeutic use of this wake-up light helps owners better manage their sleep cycles. So, if you’re looking for a smart light for your home, then there isn’t a better option when you’re talking about reasonable pricing and affordability.

How Does It Compare To Witti Dotti?

While the Witti Notti light is more of an elegant unit, the Dotti notification light brings your creativity to a new level. There are a ton of cool features on this device, and you can make use of this pixel notification light to keep yourself updated with all the different notifications on your phone. On top of that, you can program many animations through this smart light, and it won’t put an excessive load on your smart system. So, if you’re looking for a customized pixel light to decorate your room, then Dotti is a better choice.

On the other hand, if you’re talking about pure elegance and convenience, then Witti Notti will always take the lead. It is easier to set up and doesn’t require hours of your time and experimentation to work perfectly. So, you should evaluate your requirements before spending money on a new notification light. Usually, customers tend to go with the Notti notification light for an easier setup. If you also prioritize a better design for the smart light, then Notti is the model for you.

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