6 Whys Of TP Smart Bulb Troubleshooting (Resolved)

TP Smart Bulb Troubleshooting
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TP Smart Bulb Troubleshooting

An LED light bulb that is internet-capable which allows lightning through customized – time scheduled, and lightning controlled. Through the growing advancements seen in the current era, this is what science offers that have considered being one of the most successful inventions in place automation (house, workplace, or startup, etc.) and Internet of things products helping us to grow more towards a successful automated and easier world.

TP Smart Bulb Troubleshooting

1. How to install the smart light bulb?

You can easily install the smart bulbs through TP KASA App.

a. First of all, you have to register on the TP-Link Account after downloading the KASA App on your device. Add the Smart bulb into your cloud account. Open the KASA App, tap “+ > Add a Device > Smart Bulb”. Make sure to add the same smart bulb as its model or it would not work. Then the smart bulb will flash about 3 times.

b. If it is not flashing, make sure to click on “My Smart Bulb is not Flashing”, here it will tell you to switch on and off the bulb every 3 times manually.

c. If it does not connect automatically, you can manually connect it by going into “Settings > Wi-Fi Network” and connect onto the smart bulbs Wi-Fi Network.

2. Can the smart bulbs be used in an enclosed lighting fixture?

Yes, they can be used in an enclosed lighting fixture. These bulbs are made in such a way that they do not produce heat. But make sure the bulb can receive the Wi-Fi signals in the house.

3. Are there smart switches involved with it working or can you access it through your gadgets?

No need for any smart switches because it has been made handier for you. You can easily access the bulbs through your KASA App or any other app, of any company you purchased, which is installed and configured in your device (for both Android and IOS).

4. Can the light bulbs flicker and change light colors at instances. How can you dim them?

Yes, you can change the lights on your Smart Bulb. You would have to buy the multicolor smart LEDs from any store offering it. and you can program it that way. The App will give you the options for it. The smart bulb can be easily dimmed to 1%.

5. What is its expected life. And do they consume energy even if they are turned off?

As per the internet information, these bulbs can last up to an average of 15 to 25 years. And yes, they consume a minimal amount of energy when they are turned off.

6. Can the smart bulb be used outside the region they are purchase in?

No, you cannot use the smart bulbs out of the purchased region. And consider checking the maximum voltage it can consume, printed on the device.

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