Compare Par 16 Vs Par 20 – Which One’s Better?

PAR 16 Vs PAR 20
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PAR 16 Vs PAR 20

PAR, also known as aluminized reflector lamp is one of many electric lamps. It is widely used in residential, transportation, as well as commercial illumination. PAR lamps are known for producing a direct beam of heavy light. These are used in plenty of cases.

For instance, they can be used as lights in aircraft landings or lighting in a theatrical. In any case, these are used due to their strong directional light. Today, plenty of PAR lamps are available in the market, with each one of them serving a different and unique purpose.

PAR 16 Vs PAR 20

PAR lamps, or more specifically PAR light bulbs, have great use in households. Not necessarily for everyone, but at the hands of the right individual, they can be a very important piece of equipment to keep in their house.

Likewise, there are plenty of PAR light bulbs available in the market today. Each comes with a different size and is used for a different purpose. Today, we will be comparing the difference between a PAR 16 vs PAR 20 light bulb to help you learn which one’s the better option for you.

  1. Ease of Use

Both PAR light bulbs mainly focus on doing the same thing. However, there are some slight differences between them. The first one of them will be how easy it is to use and place it. Light bulbs are a great way to illuminating your house.

Although both are fantastic, we noticed that PART 16 is actually a lot easier to use. For example, the light bulb is actually easier and simpler to tilt and turn. You will also find to have an easier time trying to use it as it is a lot easier to put in places.

  1. Availability

For light bulbs, we have to consider this factor when comparing any two. First of all, light bulbs aren’t that durable. After a while, you may need to change a certain part of the light bulb. Here is where the availability of finding those parts come to play.

You will always want a light bulb that not only is easier to find, but you can also find its spare parts. PAR 20 is much more approachable in this regard. Certain users have even reported that they could not find anything for PAR 16 at all.

  1. Budget-Friendly

Let’s be honest here, nobody wants to spend a fortune on a light bulb. Neither do they want an unreliable light bulb? Both PAR 16 and PAR 20 LED bulbs don’t cost that much.

However, it’s not as simple as it may sound. PAR 16 LEDs are quite rare in comparison to PAR 20 LED, due to which you may find it quite expensive. On the other hand, you can find PAR 20 LEDs all over the market place. What’s more, is that they are cheaper. This is where PAR 20 light bulbs take the win.

  1. Size

The size of a light bulb is also one of the most important aspects. Before we move on to give our final opinion on these two, it is important that we tell you how both light bulbs are in size.

Comparing the size of both light bulbs, PAR 20 is on the bigger side. In contrast, PAR 16 is smaller which makes it easier to use and carry around. A light bulb is bigger or smaller doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad thing. It is more up to the individual on how he plans to use them. So, there isn’t really a winner here.


Associating PAR 16 vs PAR 20, we can’t help but say that the end choice really depends on you. One’s bigger and more budget-friendly, while the other’s smaller, and easier to use. The final decision lies on you whether you want the bigger or the smaller counterpart.

What we have done is to make sure that we mention each of their pros and cons. Reading all of them should give you a fair idea of what you should be buying and using for yourself.

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