Sorry, Your Echo Lost Its Connection: 3 Fixes

sorry your echo lost its connection
sorry your echo lost its connection

Amazon Echo devices are the perfect thing that you can have for a smart home experience as they allow you to connect with and control all the smart devices that you have at your home. Not only that, but it also allows you tons of additional feature that would make your life a lot more convenient. It works out great, but if you are trying to command Echo something and after a bit it replies “Sorry, your Echo Has Lost its Connection”, here is how you can fix it.

Sorry, Your Echo Lost Its Connection

1) Restart Echo

The first thing that you should do is to restart your Echo device. It might be nothing more than a bug or some minor error that might be stopping the internet connectivity and once you restart the device, it will reboot all the software and hardware components on the echo device and you will be able to use it flawlessly without having any sort of issues at all. Restarting will also connect the echo device with the internet connection again, and if there are some sort of issues there, they will also be fixed.

2) Check your internet connection

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that this error can be triggered if your router is not working as it should, or there is some sort of connectivity error with the device and your internet connection. So, to begin the troubleshooting, make sure that you are getting the best signal strength and the right internet speed on your device.

So, to begin with the troubleshooting, you will need to test the network speed and ping on some other device than the Amazon Echo and check for that. If they are not fine, you will need to talk to your ISP and have that fixed. Another thing to check here would be any VPN that you might be using on your smartphone or your router that can cause the Echo to have connectivity issues, so if you have it enabled, you will need to disable the application.

You will also need to ensure that your router is at 2.4GHz and not 5GHz as that can mess up with the latency and connectivity and you will end up having the issues like this. Once you have checked all that, you will need to place the router near your Amazon Echo device. The optimal distance is 15m so you will have to place the router within the radius of your Amazon Echo device for it to work without causing any sort of problems for you.

3) Reset Amazon Echo

If you have tried all of the steps above and you are unable to make it work, you will need to turn to good, old-fashioned troubleshooting and reset the Amazon Echo device. It should be pretty simple as you can reset the device to its default settings using the mobile application, or you can simply press the reset button on the device and it will be reset to factory settings. This way, not only all the errors will be cleared, but the firmware will also be updated.

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