6 Things To Do If Your Smonet Door Lock Is Not Unlocking

smonet door lock not unlocking
smonet door lock not unlocking

The customer experience with the Smonet door lock has been pretty satisfactory up to this point. As far as the basic functionality and the security of the lock are concerned, the Smonet door lock is pretty consistent. However, the installation process for the Smonet door lock is not that simple. You will occasionally run into issues like the Smonet door lock not unlocking, and it can take an extensive period to set up this system. The good thing is that you can rely on some basic troubleshooting steps to unlock the Smonet door lock. You won’t have to immediately reach out to the experts if the Smonet door lock is not unlocking, and here is what you can do about the locked situation.

Dealing With Smonet Door Lock Not Unlocking

  1. Use Admin Passcode 

One of the first things you should do when the Smonet door lock is not unlocked is to use the admin passcode to access the lock. Programming bugs can often present themselves when you’re setting up multiple users or a new passcode. So, make sure to rely on the admin passcode to unlock the Smonet door lock.

You need to make sure that you’re not missing any input and that the door lock is responding perfectly to your commands. This will help you get the Smonet door lock working again without further issues.

  1. Get New Battery

The battery on your Smonet door lock can also play into situations where the unit won’t respond to your input. So, if you’re sure that the passcode is correct, then you need to look toward changing the battery in your Smonet unit.

You will need to source a 9 V pack for your smart system, but that can vary depending on the model you’re currently using. For this reason, your main focus should be on installing a new battery in your Smonet system.

  1. Check Calibration

The calibration of the Smonet lock is another reason why it is not unlocked. If the door lock is not calibrated correctly, you will just be dealing with a half-open lock that is still stuck in the latch.

So, to avoid this situation, you should recalibrate the lock by going through admin configurations one more time. It might take a bit of your time to perfectly calibrate the smart device, but you won’t have to deal with the same unlocking issues after the Smonet lock has been perfectly calibrated.

  1. Fix Alignment Of Smonet Door Lock

The alignment of the Smonet door lock with the latch can also play into situations where your system won’t unlock properly. If you’ve installed the unit yourself, then there is a decent possibility that you’re dealing with a similar situation. So, you need to focus more on fixing the alignment of the Smonet door lock to get ahead of these issues.

Make sure that the striker can move in and out of the latch without any extra friction. Otherwise, the striker will remain stuck in the latch, and you won’t be able to unlock the door lock even after using the right passcode.

  1. Check For Obstructions 

Obstructions in the latch or door hinge also have an impact on the Smonet door not unlocking. If you’re sure that there are no power-related issues with the Smonet door lock, then you have to check for physical obstruction.

It is true that programming bugs can play into situations where the door won’t unlock, but you should still check the hinges and the latch for possible issues. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the system working again even after power cycling the smart door lock.

  1. Reset Smonet Door Lock

At this stage, there is no other option left but to reset the Smonet door lock to the factory setting. It won’t take more than a few minutes, and you will have to power cycle the door lock as you’re going through the reset procedure. So, open up the manual and follow the reset guide step by step to avoid any issues with the smart system.

The process can vary depending upon the model of Smonet door lock installed in your home. You can further reach out to the customer support experts working at this brand to get through the reset process.

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