5 Popular Smart Home Makers and Companies in Canada

Smart Home Maker and Company in Canada
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Smart Home Maker and Company in Canada

The smart home industry in Canada is moving at a fast pace. The target audience for smart homes have accepted the concept, and they are now enjoying the experience. Living in smart homes offers an incomparable level of convenience, safety, and many other advantages.

In Canada, investment in the smart home automation sector is having a remarkable impact. We have observed the establishment of many smart home companies in the country. While some of these companies focus on one aspect of smart devices, we have seen others launch businesses to cater to all the needs of people who want to make the switch to smart homes.

Smart Home Makers and Companies in Canada

Here are some of the innovative Canadian smart home automation companies;

  1. KRU Smart Home Automation Company

KRU was established in 2002 as a developer and producer of entertainment systems. The company quickly adopted the smart home concept and started producing smart devices for its consumers. KRU eventually evolved into a fully established smart home maker and secured a position in the growing Canadian market.

KRU currently makes smart entertainment and sound systems, smart lighting systems and security devices, motorized window shades and smart hubs for homes.

The company has carved a niche in the smart home automation market by developing products that help to manage energy consumption. This is after all one of the significant benefits of smart home systems. While KRU handles the design and marketing of its smart products, it is also in charge of installation to ensure the smart products are fully functional to give the customers more value.

  1. Vivint Smart Home

This company offers one of the best smart security surveillance systems in Canada. Vivint Smart Home has flexible plans and packages that can be used by customers to ensure the security of their homes even when they are away.

The products include smart locks, smart security cameras, and garage door controllers.

The smart security systems offer real-time surveillance all round the clock. The security systems can also be controlled remotely from any part of the world. The entire system, which can be installed and programmed by the company’s technicians, functions based on wireless connectivity. The automated systems back up files and video feeds in secure cloud storage for easy accessibility.

Vivint Smart Home also develops and sells smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for use in homes and commercial places. After set up, the smart home systems come with special tablets for monitoring and control. However, users can choose to install the mobile app on their smartphones. With the mobile app, all the smart security features and other connected gadgets can be controlled.

  1. Avario Smart Homes

Avario offers everyone who wants to make the switch to smart homes in Canada a chance to achieve their dreams. The company makes it easy to adopt the smart home concept by offering a wide range of smart products which have been bundled as smart home packages.

Avario offers its customers a unique smart home hub that can be used to control all the smart devices installed in the home from one platform. The smart home hub is compatible with different brands of smart products and offers unmatched convenience.

Some of the smart devices that have been bundled in the offered packages include smart locks, smart security cameras, thermostats, smart plugs, speakers, and switches among other innovative products. The smart home hub which controls all the devices is managed with a customized mobile app.

The app has been developed by Avario Smart Homes, and it features a user-friendly interface as well as other simple customizable features. Avario has also established a special customer service center to help its customers get value from their smart devices.

  1. Sonic Systems

This company offers premium services to smart home customers who are interested in luxury. The high-quality services offered by Sonic Systems come with a guarantee to transform homes into a futuristic setting where all the features are remotely and wirelessly controlled from within the home or outside the country.

The smart home company offers its clients premium grade smart security monitoring systems, smart lighting and thermostats to control the climate, smart vacuums, automated window drapes/ shades as well as smart entertainment systems.

Sonic Systems for smart homes feature mobile apps that can be used to control the smart devices in the home. This app can be installed on tablets mounted in a central place within the clients’ home. Alternatively, clients who wish to control their smart home devices remotely can download the apps on their smartphones. The connectivity options include the use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices which provide a medium for the interconnectivity of all smart devices and the smart hub.

  1. Protectron Smart Security

Established many years ago, Protectron has secured its position in the Canadian smart home automation market as a provider of innovative smart security systems for homes. Its services include the provision and installation of smart smoke and gas detectors, smart security cameras, 24-hour surveillance cameras, and smart thermostats.

Protectron also offers smart opportunities for clients to install gadgets that monitor the plumbing system in homes. These smart devices send out warning notifications to the homeowners if there is a leak in any of the pipes. This helps to prevent flooding as quick action will be taken to repair the damaged pipes.

Protectron has opened multiple offices in many parts of Canada. The company offers consultation and after sales support to its clients.

Contacting any of these smart home companies in Canada can be done via their website. Homeowners can discuss with the customer service staff to know the details of their services and how the process works. Some smart home companies also offer free demonstrations to show potential clients the benefits of smart homes.

It is also possible to customize offers. While some people may not need all of the smart features offered in company packages, there is always provision for scalability. If a client decides they need a new smart feature installed at a later date, it will be possible.

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