7 Steps To Solve When Schlage Encode Lock Jammed During Operation

Schlage Encode Lock Jammed During Operation
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Schlage Encode Lock Jammed During Operation

If your Schlage Encode electronic smart lock does not work, there may be a possibility that it is likely to be jammed. When such a thing seems to be happening, often what will happen is that the lock will be able to engage the deadbolt in only one direction – either lock or unlock the door. But it will not be able to move a deadbolt in the opposite direction.

You may be looking at clicks or grinding sounds coming from the key body when trying to move the deadbolt. Now, we know the problem and the next step is to solve it. This article will provide the tutorial to troubleshoot the above-mentioned issue.

Schlage Encode Lock Jammed During Operation

Here are the steps to rectify the problem.

1. Before disassembling your Schlage Encode, the key test several times to understand which direction is struggling with a smart key. Is it possible to lock, but did not open? It can disengage the latch, but it makes a sound when trying to re-engage it?

2. On your Schlage Encode, try to apply light pressure to overcome the friction of the motor and help it move the latch to the locked or unlocked position. If you are handy, you might resolve the problem by taking on the backplate of the locks and the teeth.

3. Now, after backplate opening the lid, be careful not to disconnect the cables. It may help to take a picture, at this point, of the internal gear in case you need guidance to put them back together. Remove the gears and axles.

4. Then, use compressed air to gently cleanse the body of the lock and remove dust or buildup that may impede normal function. ResetReset the tooth and the key test to see if the parts that can move more smoothly. Then, reattach the rest of the smart key and reinstall the door.

5. With you Schlage Encode, start by removing the cover body electronic lock on the interior side door. Do this by opening the lock and remove the cover.

6. After the key parts can be detached from the door, unplug the cable connecting it to the rest of the lock mechanism.

7. Then, open the door and the front half of the body supports the lock on the outside door, part of the keypad, as you unscrew and remove the two parts. Then, take the second part of the door lock. Open the lock body by opening the bolts holding together the exterior of the electronic key. At this point, you should be able to remove the lock and latch face.

These are some of the simple steps that you can follow in order to troubleshoot the problem that your Schlage Encode electronic smart lock faces with its lock. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully and in the correct sequence as mentioned in the above tutorial to avoid any disturbance. By following these steps you can easily fix your Schlage Encode electronic smart lock without putting much effort and without seeking any external help.

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