4 Ways To Fix Roomba Not Holding Charge

roomba not holding charge
roomba not holding charge

Roomba is a smart device that can map out your apartment or home and once the mapping is done it will start cleaning your home. You can set it to clean some part of the house or schedule a time on which it will start cleaning the house for you.

However, battery-related issues are pretty common in these devices. After an extended period usually, after 1 or 2 years the battery starts deteriorating. Which may cause the Roomba to not hold a charge. Here are a few fixes you can follow to solve this issue.

How to Fix Roomba Not Holding Charge?

  1. Charge Directly Through the Power Outlet

If you are using a docking system then it is highly likely that the dock is not able to properly charge the Roomba. You should try connecting the power cord straight into the Roomba from the outlet. And let it charge for at least 16 hours completely.

After it is done charging just wait and see how long is the battery holding charge. Most often the case is that the contact points get dirty on the docking system which is why the Roomba is not able to get charged properly.

  1. Change the Outlet

Sometimes the issue is not with the Roomba but in the outlet you’re charging it from. If the outlet is not properly supplying power then how can you expect your Roomba to hold a charge? You should try replacing the outlet and see if the issue still exists.

  1. Change Battery

If you had a Roomba for over 2 years and are noticing that it can not hold as much charge as it did when you bought it, then the main reason for this issue is because the batteries have dried out. Roomba batteries are supposed to be replaced every two years.

It is the most common cause for your Roomba not holding charge. The Roomba batteries are not that expensive and it is quite easy to replace them. So, Just grab yourself a new battery, Remove the screws from the bottom cover, switch the batteries, and put the cover back on.

  1. Broken Parts

If you have already tried replacing the batteries and the Roomba won’t still hold a charge then there is a chance that something might be broken inside the Roomba. If you bought the Roomba recently then it is likely that something got broken in the shipping process. You can file a claim on the warranty and secure a replacement order.

You can also take your Roomba to a repair center if you don’t want to get it replaced. It would cost you less money and will have your Roomba fixed in no time depending upon which repair center you go to.

These were some methods that you can follow if your “Roomba is not holding Charge”. The one fix that worked for almost 80 percent of the users was them getting a battery replacement as these issues are almost always related to a faulty battery.

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