Ring Neighborhood Not Working: 3 Ways To Fix

ring neighborhood not working
ring neighborhood not working

The neighborhood application from Ring allows other users to see what crimes are happening within a specified radius around their home. So, you can use this application to find out whether or not you want to move into a new home or stay alert and increase security if there are a lot of crimes happening around your house. This application is a great addition to the Ring security system and it keeps users updated.

Ring Neighborhood Not Working

Some of the users have been experiencing issues with getting the Ring neighborhood to work. That is why we will cover some solutions that can get your application working again.

  1. Check Application Configurations

To get the application working on your phone you have to first specify the area that you want to receive updates from. If you have GPS on then the application will automatically detect the region and then you can receive updates from the app. However, if you didn’t specify the region then that is likely why you’re unable to get updates from the application. So, make sure to go through the region configuration process first to receive updates from the application.

You can use the map settings to draw out an area that you want to receive updates from. Even if you don’t have Ring devices at your home you can still use this application to get updates. Sadly, this application only works in certain regions so make sure that you’re within the effective region as specified by the Ring support. If you’re outside the US then this application is of no use to you and you won’t get any updates even after setting up the map.

  1. Update Application

If the application is not working even after you’ve specified the radius on the map then you need to check whether or not you’re on an outdated version of the application. According to other users, you can get the application working again after updating it to the latest version from the application store.

However, if you’re already on the updated version then you should try clearing the application cache from your mobile phone. To do that, you will have to access the application settings from your phone and then remove the data from the neighbors’ app. After that, you can launch the application again and sign in to your account to see if you can get the application to work.

  1. Check Network

If you can’t get the application working after reinstalling it then you should check the network setting to see if everything is working fine. Make sure that you’re not using a VPN while trying to connect to the application. If the application is not working after refreshing the connection, then you should switch to cellular data to see if that fixes your problem.

But if you’re unable to fix your neighborhood application even after verifying all of the things mentioned above then now might be time to ask the Ring support team. Inform them about the application error along with the model of the device you’re using to connect to the application. They will look into your problem and then guide you accordingly.

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