Ring Doorbell Overexposed: 3 Ways To Fix

ring doorbell overexposed
ring doorbell overexposed

Video quality is the most important thing that you need to consider while buying a security product. Ideally, you should be able to see everything through the camera without trouble. But many Ring doorbell users have mentioned that the live stream is overexposed at the beginning and they’re barely able to see anything beyond a few feet from the video doorbell.

Ring Doorbell Overexposed

If that is the case with your video doorbell as well then, we suggest that you try out some troubleshooting steps mentioned below that can potentially fix the overexposed problem.

  1. Check Configurations

The first thing you need to do about overexposure is to look at the device configurations from the mobile app. Make sure that you’re on the settings recommended by Ring and no additional features are turned on at the moment. Then you should monitor the live stream to see if the overexposure is still there. If the problem is not fixed then you will have to navigate to the HDR feature and turn that on from the mobile application. That should fix everything and you’ll be able to see clearly.

Sadly, this feature is only on the newer versions of the Ring doorbell so if you’re on the original doorbell then you won’t be able to find this feature. For better video quality we suggest that you buy a new model of Ring video doorbell and you won’t have to deal with overexposure again. Make sure to do a bit of research first to find out whether or not your device has the HDR feature.

  1. Change Camera Angle

Most of the time, this overexposure problem can be fixed by adjusting the camera angle on your Ring doorbell. So, if you have the doorbell installed in a sunny area then you should open up the live stream on your mobile phone and start adjusting the camera angle. You can use the included kit to assist you in changing the camera angle. Finding the perfect camera angle will improve your situation by a huge margin and it might eliminate the overexposure issue.

There are many great video guides on YouTube that can help you find out the perfect camera angle for your security doorbell. That way even if you have the first generation of Ring doorbell, you can easily improve the camera quality by changing the position of your video doorbell.

  1. Change Doorbell Location

If the overexposure issue is not resolved by changing the configurations, then you should change the location of your Ring doorbell. According to Ring support, installing the doorbell near a wall on either side of the doorbell can cause the overexposure issue. So, to avoid this we suggest that you try changing the location of the video doorbell and that will fix the overexposure issue.

You can contact Ring support to assist you and they will guide you regarding the best location to install your video doorbell. So, if you’re not sure what to do about the overexposure problem, just ask the professionals and they will make sure that your Ring doorbell is working perfectly.

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