6 Methods For Resolving Doorbell Chime Connection Something Went Wrong

ring doorbell chime connection something went wrong
ring doorbell chime connection something went wrong

When it boils down to doorbell chimes, Ring is one of the most reliable brands that you can choose. Though there can still be occasions when you notice an issue with such devices. That being said, we have seen plenty of users face an error prompt with the Ring doorbell chime connection telling them that something went wrong. In case you are also getting the same error on your doorbell, then here are all the troubleshooting steps that you will need to follow for fixing the issue:

Fixing Ring Doorbell Chime Connection Something Went Wrong:

  1. Reinstalling Ring App

The first thing that you can do if you are getting this error prompt is to reinstall your Ring application. Most of the time, this error occurs when the app’s acting up. Similarly, if you wish to fix this, start with uninstalling the application from your phone.

Once the app’s removed, try restarting your phone which should clear all the cache. Now, you will have to reinstall the Ring app from your phone’s application store. Open the app and log into your Ring account. After you are done, you will have to go through your doorbell’s setup process after which you shouldn’t get the error again.

  1. Check the Voltage

Another thing that you will have to check is if you are getting the correct voltage for your Ring doorbell. For this purpose, you will need to use a device like a multimeter which should detect the exact voltage that you are getting.

Similarly, if you are not getting enough voltage, you will have to rule out a hardware failure or connection issue inside the doorbell chime or transformer.

  1. Compatible Mechanical Doorbell

If you are using a mechanical doorbell with your Ring doorbell chime, you have to make sure that it is fully compatible. To check this, you will have to open the compatibility list for the Ring doorbell. Ensure that you have your mechanical doorbell listed as supported by your device.

  1. Incorrect Installation

It is also possible that you have not poorly installed your Ring doorbell chime. As the module is one of the prime elements that control your chime, if you haven’t installed it properly, it will start acting up.

For resolving such problems, you will have to attempt to go through the whole installation process again. We strongly advise that you follow the instructions mentioned in the user manual guide while trying to install the module.

  1. Hardware Malfunction

There’s also the chance that there is some sort of hardware problem inside the chime or doorbell that is causing the error. However, if this is the case, then you might not have that good of a chance of having this issue fixed on your own.

You can try calling in a technician at your home instead and ask him to have a look at the doorbell. After inspecting the doorbell chime, he should be able to tell you whatever the issue might be.

  1. Contacting Support

In case none of the mentioned solutions are working for you, then the only thing that you can do is to get in touch with the support team. After taking a look at your query, they should be able to come back with further instructions on what might have possibly gone wrong. Furthermore, they should also be able to advise more solutions that you can try which will help you get rid of the error for good.

The Bottom Line:

Getting a “Something went wrong” connection error on your Ring doorbell chime? Typically, this error is the result of a simple bug that might appear during the setup process. Similarly, if you wish to fix this, you will simply have to remove the application from your phone and clear out the cache before proceeding to install it again.

However, if this does not help, then you can try all the other troubleshooting steps that we have mentioned above in the article.

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