Braeburn Thermostat Not Heating: 6 Tips To Try

braeburn thermostat not heating
braeburn thermostat not heating

The Braeburn thermostat is not the greatest when you’re looking for better integration with your existing smart system. These devices might be easier to set up, but you will occasionally run into issues with the Braeburn thermostat not heating. Most of the time, this problem with the Braeburn thermostat not heating will be linked to installation issues. If you’ve installed the unit yourself and don’t have much experience with digital thermostats, then you’re likely in the same boat. Luckily, it is pretty easy to fix these problems with the Braeburn thermostat, and you should try out these methods.

  1. Power Cycle Braeburn Unit

It is a smart idea to try power cycling the Braeburn unit before moving forward with other troubleshooting methods. Most of the time, you will be dealing with programming-related bugs that can be fixed by a quick power cycle. So, there is no point in ordering new batteries or inspecting the heating unit before purchasing the Braeburn unit.

All you need to do is to completely isolate the power connection and remove batteries for a few minutes. Make sure that the battery connections are clean, and then fix the batteries in their proper place. It should fix all the programming-related issues with the device, and you won’t have to waste much time on other solutions.

  1. Check For Wiring Issues

If you get nowhere with power cycling the device, just check for wiring-related problems with the thermostat. It is not that rare for users to run into wiring complications, and you have to check the conditions of the wiring connections to isolate the issue. There is a chance that there are no programming-related bugs, and you’re just running into issues with the loose connections.

To fix this problem, you will have to narrow down the issue by using a multimeter. Make sure to replace the wiring if there are frayed or kinked sections. Otherwise, you will keep running into the same complications.

  1. Go Over Heating Configurations

Sometimes, you just need to update the heating configurations on your digital thermostat if you’re running into these issues. While it is not rare for users to run into problems with the wiring, there have been many cases where customers were dealing with configuration-related issues. So, go over the heating configurations on the Braeburn unit and slightly increase the temperature on your device.

  1. Override Daily Schedules

The daily schedules on the Braeburn unit will keep resetting your heating configurations until you use the hold feature on your thermostat. If you’re still going with the preloaded program, then the only solution is to override the daily schedule and bring up the temperature settings on your thermostat.

This will temporarily update the heating settings, and you can use the hold button on the bottom left of your screen to avoid the same issues again. So, just override the daily schedules and then check the performance of your heating system.

  1. Inspect Your Heating Unit

It is also entirely possible that you’re dealing with HVAC issues, and the heat pump or filters are not in perfect condition. This situation usually presents itself when you ignore the maintenance of your electrical units for too long. So, if you’re in a situation with the heating system not kicking in with the Braeburn thermostat, make sure to check the HVAC system.

If you’re sure that there are no configuration-related issues with the thermostat itself, then checking the HVAC system is the only logical thing. You can also rely on a certified technician to help you narrow down the issue. So, make sure to test out the heating unit when the Braeburn thermostat is not heating.

  1. Reset Configurations

Lastly, there is no harm in going through a factory reset to eliminate any setup bugs or performance inconsistencies in your thermostat. It won’t take much of your time to reset this thermostat, but you will need to go through all of the settings from the start. So, make sure to reset the Braeburn unit and use a paperclip to reset the system.

Overall, you will be able to get the heating system working again if there are no serious hardware issues with the system. Ideally, it shouldn’t take more than a quick power cycle to fix programming issues, but if you’re still stuck in the same situation, just call someone from the Braeburn customer support.

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