6 Fixes For Liftmaster Automatic Garage Door Lock Not Working 

liftmaster automatic garage door lock not working
liftmaster automatic garage door lock not working

Accessories like the Liftmaster automatic garage door lock might seem like a decent addition to your smart system, but there is no deficiency of issues that you can expect with these units. Even though you will enjoy several features after setting up this accessory with the door opener, the customer response has not been too positive on this brand. So, you will come across several cases where the customers are complaining about Liftmaster automatic garage door lock not working. There are several factors that can play into Liftmaster automatic garage door lock not working. So, if you’re also running into complications with this system malfunctioning, then try out these solutions.

How To Fix Liftmaster Automatic Garage Door Lock Not Working 

  1. Check Compatibility 

Checking the compatibility between the garage door opener and the door lock should be your first move when the Liftmaster unit is not working. There is a good chance that you’re running into compatibility issues when the door lock won’t respond to the input from the opener. If the unit is indeed incompatible with the door opener, then there isn’t much that you can do about this system.

Your best move is to go through the compatibility guide mentioned on the Liftmaster official page and purchase a door lock that is compatible with your door opener. Otherwise, you will keep running into performance-related issues with your garage door lock.

  1. Fix Orientation Of The Connectors

The orientation of the connectors has a huge role to play in this situation with the door lock not working properly. When you’re sure that the garage door opener is compatible with your locks, just go through the instructions mentioned in the manual about the connection with the logic board. It might be a bit complex to manage at first, but fixing the orientation of the connectors will help eliminate the performance issues.

  1. Replace Damaged Wiring

Sometimes, the condition of the wiring, as well as the connectors, can deteriorate over time. If you’ve been using the door lock for an extended period and it has just started to run into functionality-related issues, then you need to replace the damaged wiring. Make sure that the connectors are clean and there isn’t any debris blocking the connection with the logic board.

Once the connectors are clean, and the wiring has been replaced, you can try to engage the door locks again. They will work perfectly with your existing openers at this point, and you won’t have to spend money on updating the system.

  1. Disable Battery Backup Mode

The battery backup mode on your garage door lock will temporarily disable the door locks. You won’t be able to access the door locks until the unit is brought out of the battery backup mode. So, make sure to streamline power connections to the door locks as well as the opener if you’re running into these compilations.

There is no point in keeping the unit in the battery backup mode as it will restrict response from the door locks. So, disable the battery backup mode after fixing the power to your smart garage system.

  1. Re-engage Door Lock

Usually, problems with the garage door lock are more common after a power cut. If you’re in the same boat, and there was a power cut recently, then you need to re-engage the door lock. It will take a few seconds, and the door lock will perform perfectly after you manually engage the locks.

Make sure that there are no obstructions in the way of the door locks and that the alignment of this unit is perfect. Going over the installation instructions once more will improve your perspective on issues with the Liftmaster door lock.

  1. Call Liftmaster Dealer

If the issue with the door lock is not fixed at this stage, and your situation doesn’t match any of the conditions mentioned above, then you need help from an expert. You might be dealing with a defective logic board or some other hardware-related problems. There isn’t much that can be done to fix these issues, and you should ensure the involvement of the dealer. So, call the Liftmaster dealer and have him provide you with a replacement. That way, you won’t have to set aside more budget for the new unit.

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