6 Tips For Fixing ADT Door Lock Not Working

adt door lock not working
adt door lock not working

When it comes to security products, ADT is one of the most established options in the market. This brand has got you covered with top-tier units that are incredibly easy to set up. So, if you’re planning on improving your smart system, try to go with the ADT door locks. These units might be a bit pricey, but ADT is second to none in terms of the latest smart features. However, just like every other smart unit, you will run into performance-related issues with the ADT door lock at some point. So, let’s go through some basic troubleshooting steps that can prove to be effective in getting the ADT door lock working again.

What To Do If Your ADT Door Lock Is Not Working

  1. Check For Power Issues

While programming issues with the ADT door lock do play into performance complications, you should always start the troubleshooting process by isolating power problems. It is too common for users to forget about battery replacement, and you’re likely in the same situation. So, to avoid further issues with the ADT door lock, just check the condition of the battery.

Usually, you will need to replace the battery in your ADT door lock to get ahead of responsiveness issues. So, source compatible battery replacement for your unit and then check the performance of your ADT door lock.

  1. Try Updating ADT lock Code

Sometimes, you will need to update the user code on your ADT door lock. You can rely on the programming button to access the lock configurations. However, you will still need the master code to update the user code. So, make sure to grab the owner’s manual and then go over the ADT door lock configurations once more. Once the user codes have been updated, you can try to access the ADT door lock.

  1. Re-Add Users To ADT System

The majority of issues with the ADT door lock not working were related to programming complications for different users. If you have multiple users set up on your door lock as well, then your best bet is to delete everyone and then add them again one by one. This will refresh the user codes while also eliminating any and all major issues with the system programming.

Similar to the previous step, you will need access to the master code to remove and add users again. So, if you’re not the owner of the door lock, there isn’t much that can be done about updating the user codes.

  1. Check Lock Alignment

It is also possible that you’re dealing with installation-related issues where the lock alignment is not perfect. This can lead to the lock not opening or closing completely after input from the users. So, make sure to check the lock alignment if there are no programming-related issues with the ADT system.

It is a good idea to hire an expert if you don’t have much experience with the ADT smart system. You will have to pay some extra fees, but at least you won’t have to worry about the same performance issues with the ADT system.

  1. Reset Door Lock

At this point, your next move should be resetting the door lock. This will remove all the saved configurations, and you will have to start from scratch. You will have to access the battery pack and then hold down on the programming button as you connect the battery back again.

If you go through the reset procedure correctly, the LED indicator will start flashing rapidly. So, if the LED indicator is not responding to your input, just go through the steps again.

  1. Call ADT Customer Support

Lastly, there is no harm in reaching out to customer support when you’re dealing with performance-related issues. It can be very exhausting to isolate the problem yourself, and seeking help from an expert will provide you with more perspective on the issue. So, if you want to avoid the hassle of spending hours on the issue yourself, just call ADT.

Overall, you will mostly be dealing with battery-related issues when the ADT lock is not working. For this reason, your first move should always be replacing the battery. However, if the unit is not fixed even after all of these methods, then calling customer support is your best move.

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