Ring Chime Not Connecting To WiFi: 3 Ways To Fix

ring chime not connecting to wifi
ring chime not connecting to wifi

The procedure for connecting the Ring Chime to your existing Ring devices is straightforward. The Ring application guides you through each step and you can follow the instructions on your mobile screen to get the Ring Chime connected to your Ring doorbell. However, some users pointed out issues with connecting the Ring Chime to their home network.

Ring Chime Not Connecting To WiFi

If you’re also having trouble connecting the device to your Wi-Fi router then follow the steps mentioned in this article to get fix the connection issue.

  1. Check Wi-Fi Credentials

A lot of users said that the reason why they were unable to connect their Ring Chime to the Wi-Fi network was that they had special characters in their Wi-Fi credentials. Having special characters in your Wi-Fi credentials can create issues for your smart devices like Ring chime. So, to troubleshoot the problem we suggest that you change the Wi-Fi credentials so that there are no special characters in the Wi-Fi name or password and then you can try connecting the Ring Chime again with the home network.

If you’re still having issues with connecting the Wi-Fi network with your device then you should also try resetting the Wi-Fi router. Before the reset procedure, you can also try your luck with power cycling the router to see if your device gives you the same error or not.

If you’re not able to get the issue fixed by power cycling the Wi-Fi router then you should just reset the Wi-Fi router. The reset process will be different depending upon the model of your Wi-Fi router and you can just look up guides online to help you reset your network device.

  1. Change Mobile Device

According to Ring support, the connection problem can also be created from your mobile device. So, if it is possible, you should try using a different phone to set up your Ring Chime. Once everything is connected, you’ll still be able to access the device using the original phone, but for the setup process, it would be better if you used another device.

Most of the users who experienced this problem were on Samsung devices, so if you’re on the same boat then switching up the device should help you connect Ring chime with your home network. Another thing that you need to check on your phone is whether or not you’ve enabled any VPN while trying to connect the chime with the Wi-Fi network.

Using VPN can create connection issues during the setup process so if you’re using any VPN services then make sure to disable them while you try to connect the Ring chime with the home network.

  1. Reset Chime

If you’re still having connection issues then you need to reset the Ring chime to factory settings. To do that, you’ll have to connect the Ring chime to a power source and then insert a paper clip to access the reset button. Hold it down for a few seconds and then let go of the button. The device will reset within a few seconds and you can go through the setup procedure again. Hopefully, the connection bug will be fixed at this point.

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