RGB Led Strip Blue Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix

rgb led strip blue not working
rgb led strip blue not working

LED strips allow the customers to be creative, they are very easy to set up, and you can customize them to your liking. The best thing about LED strips is that they are not expensive and look sleek in your home.

However, they can be fragile as treating them roughly might damage the contact points of the internal circuit.

This is why some people might experience the issues of some colors not showing up on their RGB LED strips. Here are some methods you can follow to fix this problem.

Fixing RGB LED Strip Blue Not Working:

  1. Check Contact Points

The first thing that you should do is check the contact points of the LED strip. Most often than not, during the installation process, people might damage the contact points, which may cause the strip to malfunction.

led strip

If you find a damaged contact point, you can either replace it altogether or try to repair it by soldering the patches together correctly.

  1. Check Voltage

Another likely cause for this error may be because low voltage throughout the circuit. As compared to the majority of other colors, blue LED requires more voltage to emit.

If your circuit is not able to provide the strip with enough voltage, then it will not show you the color blue.

multimeter tester

You can easily check the voltage output from the outlet with the help of a multimeter and match it with the requirements mentioned in the user manual of your RGB LED light strips.

  1. Replace Power Source

If your LED strips are not showing you different colors, then one reason for this issue can be drained batteries. Some brands do offer RGB batteries that rely heavily on a battery pack.

Just grab yourself a fresh pair of batteries and replace them with the old ones. This will probably fix the issue for you unless your LED strip is damaged.

  1. Check the Strip Length

Every LED strip has a recommended length that you should not exceed for them to work properly.

If you have a long strip set up in your hallway, then it is highly likely that this is the reason why your LED strip won’t change color to blue.

As the voltage keeps getting lower and lower, the longer the strip is. So, try dividing the LED strip into sections for the circuit to receive optimal voltage.

led strip length

You should always read the user manual first before installation as different brands of LED strips has different requirements. So, make sure to quickly go through the user guide before setting up your LED strip to minimize the chances of it malfunctioning.

  1. Check For Damaged Sections

The issue might just be with the damaged sections on the unit. You need to thoroughly check the connection points for possible errors. If the contact points are damaged, your best bet is to remove the defective spot.

In most of the RGB LED lights, you will find cut marks along the length of this unit. So, to isolate these issues, you will have to carefully inspect all sections.

There is no point in relying on a defective piece, as that can also create fire hazards. You need to make sure that all the contact points are clean, dry, and perfectly secure. Most of the time, your issue will be fixed right here.

led strip light

These were some quick fixes that can potentially solve your issue of the RGB LED strip blue color not showing. If none of these fixes work for you, then it is likely that your strip is faulty, and you should contact customer support.

If you have a warranty, then it will be quite easy for you to secure a replacement order. Send the support team an email explaining your issue to them, and just wait for their response.

Best LED Strip Brands

Finding the right brand is the most important thing that you need to prioritize when browsing through online stores.

There is no point in going cheap with an off-brand option. You need to rely on only the best brand to avoid long-term problems.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best LED Strip brands:

Philips – Whether it’s smart bulbs or smart lights, this brand will always be the dominant player in this market. It has positioned itself as the best premium brand.

Moreover, the prices are not too expensive when you compare them with options like Nanoleaf.

So, if you’re looking for premium quality and don’t want to stick with cheaper options, then Philips is the only viable option. You won’t find the same deal or quality anywhere else.


Govee – This brand is popular in the mid to low-range market. The features are not that great, but the performance and durability are consistent.

So, you won’t have to deal with hours of troubleshooting routines. Just make sure to rely on an official dealer for this purchase.

Wyze – This brand offers the perfect balance between extensive smart features and a reasonable price tag. The price here is usually a bit more than your standard Govee systems.

Moreover, the strip can be a bit fragile at times. So, make sure to find a secure spot.

Elgato – Elgato might not be as famous as some of the other options here, but no one can deny its feature-rich units.

The scheduling features, smart controls, and easy setup will put it close to Philips when comparing some models. So, keep this option in your mind for your next purchase.

Corsair – This brand is primarily meant for gamers. You’ll find a lot of users trying to modify their gaming system with Corsair units. So, if you’re in the same boat and need a decent strip for your gaming system, Corsair is for you.

You can easily configure these lights to sync with your gaming sessions. The live response from these strips will transform your gaming experience. However, you will have to pay a bit more for these units.

Is Philips Really Worth It?

While browsing through the Philips portfolio, you might ask yourself whether or not it is worth the investment. The prices are indeed a bit above the market average.

However, the value brought forward by these units is far superior to your traditional lights.

So, instead of only looking at the price tag, you need to consider all of the smart features and performance consistency.

This is the primary reason why so many owners are in love with this brand. If you’re also looking for exceptional value and want to future-proof your system, go with Philips.

You won’t be disappointed by this purchase, and it will last you for decades. You won’t even have to think about switching to a different option in the coming years. So, avoid the hassle and stick with Philips to redefine your lighting system.

Should You Go With LED Bulbs Instead of RGB Strips?

It can also be a struggle to decide between an LED strip and a bulb. This is especially true if you’ve yet to install a primary light source in your room.

So, if you’re planning on using the LED strips as the main light source, that is not such a good idea.

led bulb

These strips are only meant to be used as a secondary light source to set the mood in your room. So, if you don’t already have a primary source of light, going with an LED bulb will be a better option.

The LED light strips won’t look good on their own throughout the day. So, rely on the bulb to illuminate the room along with the LED strips to develop the perfect aesthetic around your entertainment system.

There are many online forums dedicated to developing a complete lighting system. So, make sure to seek help from other experts to find some suitable options. Hopefully, you won’t have to spend too much time on a bad system.

Wrapping Up

Minor problems like RGB LED strip blue not working are pretty common in most off-brand options.

You will find a ton of lights that will present this issue, and the most probable reason is insufficient voltage. You have to make sure that the power supply is optimal.

Otherwise, some light colors will stop appearing, and you will have to present the machine. It can take a while to get everything in order when the LED strip is too long. So, there is no harm in checking connection points and fixing connectors.

You can also avoid this problem entirely by shifting towards options like Philips and Wyze. Both of these brands have served clients for years. So, if you’ve yet to find the right fit, go with either one of these brands.

Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with similar errors again. Just make sure you’re purchasing a decent brand!

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  1. Before i set up my led lights they were working fine but after they were set up i tried to turn them to purple but most of them turned red only like 3 feet of them were purple along with all of the colors except green and red can you tell me how to fix it


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