Is It Possible To Record Nest Cam Locally?

record nest cam locally
record nest cam locally

A smart home camera is a great way of making your house more secure. This is why Nest gives you multiple solutions to protect your house.

One of their famous products is a monitoring camera that can be used to keep tabs on whatever’s going on inside your house.

However, some of these units can be more on expensive end.

You will have to spend a decent chunk of cash to include these items in your smart setup, and there are no other workarounds when it comes to optimizing value and smart controls. 

While you can find some cheaper brands, the reliability of those options is just not enough. You will only hold yourself back and won’t be able to get any performance out of the system.

So, be sure to get help from the dealer when you can’t seem to pick the right unit. 

With that said, you can use the camera to monitor the entirety of your house.

In this way, even if you are far away from your home, you can still view your house. So, if something’s out of order, you can easily know before anyone else.

Can You Record Nest Cam Locally?

Usually, Nest Cam can be used to record through a subscription. Basically, all of your recordings are stored in the cloud this way.

However, users have been wondering whether it is really possible to record Nest cam locally. If you are also looking for an answer, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will be explaining in detail everything you need to know about recording Nest cam locally.

If you’re here for the short answer, then yes, you can easily record your cam locally or on a private cloud. Here’s how you can do so:

How To Make Nest Cam Record Locally?

Before you try this out, we would like to mention that you will have to subscribe to their active Nest-aware subscription.


Otherwise, you will just run into more errors down the road, and the response from the camera will not be desirable in any dimension. 

  1. Once you have made sure that you have subscribed to it, follow the next step
  2. On any computer web browser, sign in to your account on
  3. Choose the camera that has recorded the video that you want to use
  4. Go to Clips which are located in the lower right corner of your screen. You may have to make your browser’s window bigger in order to reveal it
  5. Click on Create Clip
  6. Sliders should appear on your timeline. Now, either drag them forward or backward in order to select when your video starts and when it ended
  7. Once you have made the selected part of your video into a clip, name your new clip into anything, and click on save
  8. Once you have saved the file, a popup will appear saying, “Your clip is now ready. View Your Clip”. Select View your clip.
  9. Click on your clop and check to see if it’s really how you want it to be. If it is, simply click on Done
  10. You should now have a recorded clip of your Nest cam

Hopefully, you will be sorted out at this stage and won’t have to worry about locally recording the events anymore.

Keep in mind that this unit brings all the control to your hands, but you still need to rely on the subscription. 

Trying to dodge the charges will do you more harm than good as you struggle with the same error.


So, be sure to keep all of these pointers in mind, and you will not be able to find a fix. Hopefully, you will have an amazing time when it comes to fixing the unit, and the issues will be addressed accordingly. 

Should You Record Locally With the Nest Camera?

If you’re aiming for a method that will help you avoid the subscription cost and just make use of the camera with the local storage system, then that can’t be done.

You will still have to pay the subscription and the recording will get uploaded to the cloud when you get online.

The only point of these features is that the Nest system can batter network inconsistencies by having the unit record locally. You can simply engage these features and the unit will record locally when the Wi-Fi goes out. 

That way, you will not be missing any major event and the camera will still detect the motion and record the event.

However, when it comes to the notification and the recorded feed, that will only be uploaded once the camera gets online. There are no other methods here. 

While it is true that the recording can be stored locally or is stored locally, you will not be able to maintain remote access when the Wi-Fi is not working.

So, we suggest that you only rely on the subscription to make better use of these features.

Keep in mind that all of the feed that is stored on the unit will always get uploaded to the cloud, and there are no methods around it.

So, be sure to spend the time to manage these pointers, and you might just be able to save yourself a lot of hassle. 

There is simply no point in trying to go cheap on the subscription cost. You will only be compromising the security of your house, and there is no price tag that you can put on your security.

So, pay the minimal subscription and make use of the official features. 

How To Stop Local Recording With Nest Camera?

Now that you know that the local recording features are not that great and will only hold you back, the question arises of how you can limit the local recording features with the Nest camera.

The answer here is that you just need to have an effective network connection.

You have to make sure that the network is working at all times and that there are no issues on that end.

The situation with the network will eventually lead to errors with the Nest camera recording locally. 

So, if you’re stuck in the same errors and there is a delay in the event notifications, then you have to check the network.

There are countless things that can go wrong when it comes to the connectivity side of things. 

However, the only reasonable solution is to improve the signal strength and quickly power cycle the router.

You can place the router within the 25 ft. range from the camera and then make sure that there are limited interferences. 

This will not only improve the permeance of the router, but you will never miss an event notification.

So, be sure to check up on the router when you’re stuck in these errors, and you might just be able to find a fix.

Some owners also said that they had to reset the system. This can be one of the more extensive methods, and you need to avoid that situation at all costs.

So, if you’re in the same boat, be sure to test out all of the other methods before it comes to the reset. 

Otherwise, you will have to connect all of the devices from scratch, and getting a reasonable response from the router will be next to impossible.

restart router

Lastly, you can always engage the official support members here. This brand is no beginner in the market and has maintained a decent spot for years.

All that you have to do is to explain your end to the dealers or the official support team.

From there, these experts will be more than happy to take charge of the situation, and you will not have to worry about as many complications when it comes to fixing up the unit. 

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have explained how you can use Nest cam to record clips locally.

Although we have seen a few users finding out ways how you can dodge Nest’s subscription and make your cam record video locally, they are not really safe to use.

So, we suggest that you rely on the subscription service and use the official servers to secure your footage.

Otherwise, you will not get any alerts, and the response from the camera will be pretty disappointing. There is no point in risking your security just to save a few bucks. 

Hopefully, you’ll make the wiser decision and go with the official subscription package. However, if you do decide to go cheap, just have an expert take a peek at your setup.

There is no point in experimenting with the home security system on your own, and seeking help will serve you better. 

Lastly, if you’re struggling with the network side of things, then it might be time to upgrade the router.

There is not a single smart unit that will serve you with a decent level of performance when there are network issues. So, you have to focus on addressing this situation accordingly. 

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