6 Causes For Nanoleaf Not Showing All Scenes With Alexa

nanoleaf not showing all scenes alexa
nanoleaf not showing all scenes alexa

Nanoleaf is the perfect unit to set the mood in your entertainment center. These lighting solutions might not be that great as a primary source, but they will serve you perfectly as a secondary source. These panels are pretty easy to install, and you won’t have to go through extensive procedures to set up this unit.

Moreover, the customization options will bring complete lighting control to your fingers. However, there have been a few complaints about Nanoleaf not showing all scenes through Alexa. This situation limits the performance of the smart controls, but this troubleshooting guide will help you fix the configurations.

So, if you’re in a similar situation with Nanoleaf not showing all scenes, then follow these solutions.

Reasons Why Nanoleaf Not Showing All Scenes With Alexa

  1. Discover New Scenes

One of the main reasons why users won’t get all scenes from Nanoleaf is that they sometimes forget to discover the new scenes through the smart assistant. It will only take a second, and you need to access the Alexa app and check device settings to discover new scenes.

You need to follow this step every time you add new scenes to the smart app. Otherwise, Alexa will keep cycling through the older scenes, and new scenes won’t be added until you go through the discovery process.

  1. Create Scenes Again

Some owners have also pointed out that removing the current scenes and adding new ones will help you get around this issue. The Nanoleaf app is pretty reliable, but it is nowhere near perfect. So, if you didn’t get any success from the discovery process, try to remove the current scenes from the application and add new ones.

Once the new scenes are added to the application, you can access the Alexa app and discover these scenes. Ideally, this will add new scenes through the Nanoleaf app, and Alexa will have access to the new scenes.

  1. Update Scene Configurations

Sometimes, updating the scene configurations through the Nanoleaf application will lead to a similar outcome. So, switch up some of the color combinations and temperatures and then increase the saturation by a small margin. Make sure to update all the configurations in the defined scenes, and then judge the cycle through Alexa. The new scenes should start cycling through the Alexa again, and you will have access to the complete portfolio.

  1. Pair Nanoleaf Skill Again

The Nanoleaf Alexa skill can also be a cause behind this issue with the scenes not updating after you add new configurations. Even after discovering the new scenes through Alexa, you won’t be able to update the scene library. In this situation, the only solution is to remove the current skill and add it again. This will reset all configurations, and you will have to start the setup from scratch.

So, go to the Alexa skill tab and remove the Nanoleaf skill, and relaunch the Alexa application. Make sure to remove it from the background and then add the skill again. This would fix the Alexa application, and you will be able to access all scenes again.

  1. Power Cycle Nanoleaf

If you’ve tried all of the steps mentioned above, and the Nanoleaf system is still not showing all scenes through Alexa, then you need to power cycle the system once. Remove all the power connections from the panel and then connect power to the system after a few minutes.

Now, try updating the voice controls through Alexa and then check the performance from the Nanoleaf scenes. Hopefully, the panel will present updated scenes through the Alexa assistant, and you will have complete access to the new colors.

  1. Reset Panels To Factory Default 

At this point, the Alexa smart assistant should have access to all scenes, but if you’re still stuck in the same issue, then resetting the factory default settings is your only option. This will wipe all the configurations from the smart panels, and you need to set up the panels with the smart app again. However, there is a decent chance that your panels will start presenting all scenes through Alexa after the reset. So, make sure to reset the panels to factory default settings and then access the Nanoleaf app to create new scenes to add to the smart assistant.

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