Dealing With Somfy Motor Not Working (6 Tips)

somfy motor not working
somfy motor not working

Installing a Somfy motor is one of the most affordable methods of upgrading your smart setup, and it won’t leave a dent in your budget. The only issue is that the installation of the Somfy motor is sometimes difficult, and you will have to seek help from a professional to install this motor perfectly.

Otherwise, you will occasionally run into issues with the Somfy motor not turning. However, there are still a few fixes that can help you when the Somfy motor is not responding to your input.

So, if you’ve installed the Somfy motor yourself and it is not working properly, then try out these solutions.

Troubleshooting Tips For Somfy Motor Not Working

  1. Restart Motor

Usually, the issue with the Somfy motor not working is related to minor programming bugs. The good thing is that you can get ahead of this programming-related bug by restarting the motor. So, remove the power connection from the motor and plug it back in.

Make sure to keep the power connections isolated for a few moments and then turn it back on. This will refresh the motor programming, and you will be able to get the desired performance from the motor.

  1. Try Connecting to A Different Outlet

The functionality issues with the Somfy motor can be traced back to insufficient voltage in the system. So, you need to check the power from the outlet and then switch to a different outlet if the voltage output is not enough. You can find any voltage measuring device like a multimeter to find the output from the voltage.

You should also call an expert to help you examine the outlet. He will help you fix the voltage-related issues, and you will have to set aside a minimal budget to fix your electrical connections. So, make sure to hire a technician to inspect the defective outlet.

  1. Check Somfy Remote

The remote can further be another reason behind this issue with the Somfy motor not working. Most of the time, you will just be dealing with dead batteries, and you will just have to install a fresh battery in the remote to get the system.

Make sure to get compatible batteries and get the remote working again. Hopefully, the motor will respond to your commands, and you will be able to engage the motor through the remote.

  1. Fix Alignment & Wiring

Sometimes, the motor alignment and wiring will also lead to similar situations where the motor won’t work after installation. So, go over the installation instructions again and then change the angle of the motor by a small margin. This small adjustment should be enough to engage the motor, and it will start operating perfectly.

Similarly, checking the wiring cluster will help you isolate the issue with the Somfy motor. Loose connections or damaged wiring sections will create issues with the power flow. So, check the wiring conditions after fixing the alignment and try to operate the motor again.

  1. Put Motor In Factory Mode

At this point, your best hope is to put the motor through a factory reset. If there are no power issues with the motor then resetting the motor is your only choice. There are likely programming-related issues in the motor, and resetting the motor will wipe everything from the system. You will have to set up the system from the beginning and go through all configurations.

This will take a bit of your time, and your system will start working again if there are no hardware issues with the motor. So, if you’ve recently bought the device, just go through the factory reset procedure, and hopefully, the motor will start working again.

  1. Ask Somfy Support Department

On the other hand, if the motor is damaged, then there isn’t much that you can do about this issue. Calling the experts working in the customer support department is your best hope, and they will help you narrow down the problem.

So, ask the Somfy customer support department to help you narrow down the solution. Ideally, restarting the motor should fix the issue if there are no serious problems with the unit. However, if the issue is not fixed after going through all of these methods, then getting a replacement might be the only fix.

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