Comparing Smart Lighting Bulbs: MagicLight Vs Flux

MagicLight Vs Flux
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MagicLight Vs Flux

Technology is bringing evolution to our everyday routine and there are numerous appliances that have been released, thanks to the innovation to bring us more comfort and convenience. We all know that light has an effect on our mood and there are tons of innovations in the field to bring us more convenience.

Smart lighting bulbs are one such product that has got highly popular with time. While there are smart home switches and such protocols that can connect everything that you have at your home, these bulbs can work with those modules or independently and can be controlled with your smartphone easily.

If you are looking to choose a bulb for your home and you are confused about what would be the right choice for you, here is a comparison with two of the most popular options that you can choose from.

MagicLight Vs Flux

MagicLight is one of the basic bulbs you can get and it has gained high popularity, thanks to its economical price. The best thing about this bulb before we get into technicalities is that it supports ambient lighting with the option to choose the color of your choice. It got a lifetime of over 20,000 hours and consumes only 7 watts. You get to choose the color and shade of your own choice that is a huge plus and you can adjust it easily with your application on your phone.

The only drawback that you have to face on this bulb is that it is controlled by Bluetooth so you might have a hard time connecting it with a smart home system if you have any. These smart home appliance systems are mostly controlled by Wi-Fi so it might be a thing for you to consider before you make the buying decision.

If you are okay with that and want an individual bulb that can be connected to your phone and you can control it, this would be just the choice for you to have. It gives a superb output of 550 Lumens that is enough to light up any normal sized room. Even if you have multiple bulbs in your room, you can also control all of the MagicLight bulbs with a single app without having to face much difficulty.

These bulbs can be paired together and you can customize them to have the same color, or turn them off or on using the same switch. This is a screw-in base type bulb that is mostly used in the homes so it won’t be a problem for you. This is the best thing you can get if you are looking for something functional without many bells and whistles attached.

Flux smart lighting LED bulb is the best thing you can get out there. This is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a smart home solution, or want something extraordinary. The bulb comes packed with tons of features and the best thing about this bulb is that it is Wi-Fi compatible so you will not have any problems there. It also has the option to choose light colors with tons of other added features that we are going to elaborate on. To start with, it runs on 7 watts that is pretty energy efficient so you won’t be having any problems there.

Flux is a full option choice, packed with cool options and features. It is compatible with Alex, Google Home Assistant & IFTTT. You can control it with any app you might have that can be connected with the bulb and have full control over the light in your room. It also has options of night light, sunrise wake-up, and a lot more.

Some additional features that you are going to love on Flux include it can dance to your music if you are in the mood for a party. Flux has a highly efficient RGB bulb that can combine to create any colored light that you might want. The bulb can also be scheduled to alarm mode and wake you up with full bright light in the morning. The mic mode allows you to have a flawless experience as flux comes with an in-built mic that can listen to your music and change the lights according to the beats.

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