iSmartAlarm Vs SmartThings (Differences Between iSmartAlarm And SmartThings)

iSmartAlarm Vs SmartThings
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iSmartAlarm Vs SmartThings


SmartThings by Samsung is a great way of making your smart home a lot smarter than it already is. It allows even an ordinary house to become fully capable of home automation. What’s even better is that SmartThings makes you the one to have full control.

An app that is installed on your smartphone is used to control everything in your smart home. A great thing about SmartThings is how it’s compatible with plenty of devices. All thanks to SmartThings, your smart home can also get plenty safer for both you and your family.

iSmartAlarm brings you great security features for your smart home. No matter where you are, the security system will keep your house protected. From security cameras to alarm systems, iSmartAlarm is a great way of securing all your precious things and keep them under surveillance.

It comes with customized smart home security solutions that will protect your family without needing any additional fee. Also, it is fully compatible with Amazon’s virtual voice assistant, Alexa that makes using it a lot easier and simple. You will get security alerts when there’s even a slight attempt of breaching your house without your permission.

iSmartAlarm Vs SmartThings

There has been quite a debate among the community where users have compared both iSmartAlarm vs SmartThings. This has left many users confused while trying to get a security system or a hub for their smart homes. Clueless as they are, they really don’t know which one to go for.

If you have ended up in a similar situation, then don’t worry about a thing. In this article, we will be comparing iSmartAlarm vs SmartThings. We will go through every single detail and explain to you which one’s better in which situations. So, here we go:

  1. Do You Only Want A Security System?

Before you even think about comparing these two systems together, it is crucial that you determine what your actual use is. Do you only want a security system for your house? Or, do you want something much larger for your smart home?

iSmartAlarm is only a security system that will get you all the enhanced features of protecting your house and family. On the other hand, SmartThings does provide similar security features but you can do a lot more than that. It can also be used as the main hub, and control all of your smart homes.

  1. Which One’s Better for Security?

As already mentioned above, SmartThings does provide similar security features. However, quite a few users have reported facing issues during power or internet outages, or the system not working properly at times. For a security system, it is vital to be active at all times.

On the other hand, iSmartAlarm users haven’t faced such issues. It is important to note that even iSmartAlarm is not immune to bugs and issues. However, users have had a great time with both these systems.

  1. Your Budget

The final thing you need to determine is your budget. SmartThings does cost a bit cheaper, but you need to keep in mind that it won’t come with security alarms and other accessories. You will only be getting a hub at this price.

In contrast, iSmartAlarm will come with basic security accessories for your smart home, even if costing a little bit more. Not only will you have to buy the other items if you decide to purchase SmartThings, but the total cost will also get higher. You will have to buy separate sensors and sirens. Fortunately, iSmartAlarm already comes with them.


Comparing iSmartAlarm vs SmartThings, you should first consider all the factors mentioned above. If you only want a security system for your house, then by all means go for the iSmartAlarm. However, if you are looking for additional smart home features, along with the necessary security options then SmartThings is the better choice.

It all depends on how you plan to use them, and how much you are willing to spend. It is also worth mentioning that neither one of them are actually bad. Both will give you excellent experience and make your smart home secure.

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