How To Reset Ring Pathlight? (Answered)

how to reset ring pathlight
how to reset ring pathlight

The Ring Pathlight, which is Ring’s outdoor flood light, provides some of the most helpful features among the complete portfolio of Ring devices.

Nonetheless, there are instances when it may be difficult to operate.

If your lights switch off by themselves for no apparent reason or don’t turn on when you need them to, the following procedures will assist you in regaining control of your lighting system.

How To Reset Ring Pathlight? 

Ring Pathlights are a component of the Smart Lights product line. These lights provide an extra layer of illumination to your house and property while simultaneously fortifying your Ring of Security.

Ring Pathlights are motion-detecting smart lights that may be installed in multiples to brighten pathways and highlight elements of the environment.

battery-operated for hassle-free installation that does not need wiring in addition, pathlights extend the range of motion detection even more.

Following is the way of resetting the ring pathlight.

  • To begin the process of resetting your ring path light, loosen the two screws that are located on the top of the device.
  • After you have done so, carefully peel the two pieces of the gadget apart from one another, and then take out any batteries that may be within.
  • After that, you will need a paperclip or a pen with a pointed tip to reset your light. To do this, you will need to push both buttons simultaneously for five seconds.


  • After you have completed these steps, you will need to reassemble the two halves of the gadget and fasten them back together using the screws. After that, you will need to replace any batteries that were taken previously.
  • To begin the process of resetting your ring pathlight, you will first need to take out the battery door located at the bottom of your ring. After that, locate the button on the back of the lamp and push and hold it for around five seconds.
  • If the light does not turn off after five seconds of holding the button, try holding it for an additional five seconds. After that, move the battery door back into its original position, and then replace any batteries that ran out while you were going through this procedure.
  • Disconnecting your ring path light from your Wi-Fi network will allow you to reset it. After that, you need to hold down the button labeled “Reset” that is located on the device’s rear for a full minute.
  • If it does not work, you will need to remove the battery and then put it back in place. Finally, attempt to reconnect it to your Wi-Fi network and then wait for five minutes before continuing.
  • To begin, you will need to take the batteries out of your lamp. This will be the first step. Next, turn the bottom of the lamp until you see a little opening developing on one of the sides.


  • After that, use a screwdriver to remove the screws that are located on each side of this opening, and then slide off the cover. Now that you have access to all of the components, remove one of the batteries and replace it with a new one, being careful to ensure that the terminals on the two batteries are pointing in different directions.
  • Replace the lid, make sure the screws are securely fastened, and then replace the other battery. Turn back into position as you did previously in order to fill in any spaces on either side.
  • Placed in the position it had before the change: Make a light pressing motion on the ground until you hear a secure clicking sound.

Ring Path lights are a component of the Smart Lights product line. These lights are designed to improve the effectiveness of your Ring of Security while also providing illumination for your house and property.

Ring Path lights are smart, motion-detecting lights that are installed in multiples to brighten pathways and highlight a variety of landscaping alternatives.

Pathlights are particularly advantageous since they are powered for a simple wireless installation and furthermore offer any motion detecting reach.

The Smart Light Line includes these Ring Smart Lights as one of its products.

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