3 Best Haiku Fan Alternatives

Haiku Fan Alternative
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Haiku Fan Alternative

Haiku is a smart ceiling fan manufactured by Big Ass Fans. The fan is made with only premium materials, featuring the latest smart home technology. According to BAFs (Big Ass Fans), Haiku is the pinnacle in smart home fan’s innovation. The fan also works great for energy efficiency.

For control, you will have both a premium quality remote, along with a mobile app and voice integration. All of these are added to make you truly feel like you’re in complete control. The installation is fairly easy, and the airflow of the fan is excellent.

Haiku Fan Alternative

Although Haiku fans are pretty good and are a solid entry for your smart home. The users do have some mixed feelings about the smart fan. Some regard it as an absolute wonder for a smart ceiling fan, however, others are not so sure about that.

For example, some users complain that the fans aren’t compatible with some voice assistants, such as Google’s voice assistant. This has made people ask for a better alternative to the Haiku Fan.

In this article, we will be exploring a few alternatives to the Haiku ceiling fan. All of the alternatives are mentioned right below:

  1. Southowne Ceiling Fan

Southowne ceiling fan is a great fan made by Emerson, which are well known for their extremely premium quality fan builds. They are known to have a unique motor for their fans that are excellent for airflow.


The fan comes with 5 blades and gives a much stable experience. On top of that, the fan makes no noise at all which is another great thing about using it. If you’re worried about fan noise and wobble, then this should be your ultimate choice. Although design-wise, this fan isn’t that great.

  1. Fanimation Ceiling Fan

Fanimation can prove to be a great alternative to Haiku fans as customers seem to fall in love with their products. They feature a wide range of ceiling fans, with each one of them having a different design and unique functionality.

The airflow of these fans is also fantastic. Choosing them will allow you to be flexible with your decision as you will have a variety of options to select from. Another great thing about them is that they have been in business for around 30 years, which shows how experienced they are.

  1. Why Not an Ordinary Fan?

This is probably one of the best alternatives to not only Haiku but any smart ceiling fan there is. Now we know what you’re thinking “But what about the smart features?”. Well, there’s always the option of using a z-wave fan controller. It should turn any fan into nothing less than a fully functional smart fan.

This way, you are free to truly explore your options. All you will have to do now is to pick any fan you like. You will need to check the two most important things required in a fan. These are both airflows, and whether the design of the fan is up to your liking. Once you are done with this, an ordinary z-wave fan controller should do the job. This might also be the cheaper alternative to a smart ceiling fan as well. You can also get an in-window whole house fan, which should boost your experience.


These 3 options above were the best alternative to Haiku Fans that are not only a great option for your smart home, but also for the benefits. Although we haven’t really ranked any of these, we do think you should opt for the number 3 here.

Turning a fan of your liking into a smart fan should give you all the things you require. All you will basically need is a z-wave controller. But if you don’t really like the idea, you are free to discover the other two options as well. We have only explained each of them to help you, the final decision lies upon you.

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