5 Ways To Fix Fossil Smartwatch Keeps Restarting

fossil smartwatch keeps restarting
fossil smartwatch keeps restarting

Watches are a part of the culture, fashion, and every attire and it goes without saying that they are never going to be out of the fashion. With the boom of technology, while there are multiple other ways to know the time such as smartphones and other devices that we can get our hands upon.

However, from pocket watches to wristwatches and more, a traditional watch is always there to lift up the attire and make it look classier. Just when we thought that the time of wrist watches might be over, we are getting these smartwatches with all the latest features such as calling, monitoring your vital stats, and a lot more.

Fossil is one such extraordinary brand that is known for some of the best wristwatches that are classy, affordable, and durable all at once. They have also stepped into the world of smartwatches, and you get to enjoy state-of-the-art smartwatches with the best possible quality and features on them. These smartwatches from Fossil are pretty durable as well, and optimally you are not going to face such issues while using the Smartwatch. However, if it keeps on restarting, here are a few things that you will need to do.

How to Fix Fossil Smartwatch Keeps Restarting?

1. Unpair From Phone and Pair Again

At times, you might be facing this bug due to some sort of problem with the phone but it is pretty easy to fix as well. All you will need to do is ensure that you are unpairing the fossil smartwatch from the phone that you have paired it with and let it rest for a minute or two.

After that, you can pair the watch with your phone once again and that will simply help you fix any errors that you might be facing with the fossil smartwatch causing it to restart on its own and you are not going to face any major problems at all once you get that sorted out properly.

2. Restart Once

Another thing that you will need to be careful about on the smartwatch is that it has a small processor and lesser RAM as well as compared to some of the other devices that you might have. That is why you will have to ensure that you are restarting it on regular occasions to not put too much strain on the hardware resources.

So, just restart it at least once a week and that is certainly going to help you sort this problem out. If you are facing the problem with restart, you can just let it sit while turned off for a couple of minutes and then turn it on to get rid of the problem on your Fossil Smartwatch.

3. Reset

There might also be some settings that could possibly cause you to face this problem, and you need to get rid of such settings as well. In order to do that, the best way would be to run a factory reset on the watch and that will help you perfectly in solving the problem.

Luckily, the Fossil watch runs Android Wear, an OS based on Android and you get all the basic features that you might be expecting from it. So, in order to reset, you just have to go to the settings and then reset it from the advanced settings menu. That will certainly be helping you out in resetting any settings that might be causing you to face this problem and it will be gone for good.

4. Update Firmware

There is another possibility and you might have to face this problem with your Fossil smartwatch due to some firmware error or issue. So, you will need to check for the firmware updates, and Android Wear gets plenty of them for sure.

Just update the firmware and the problem is most likely to be gone for good. It would be better if you keep the auto-updates on for the firmware and that is certainly going to help you out in avoiding all such errors and problems in the future.

5. Get it Checked

Lastly, if nothing has worked out for you, there might be some other problem with the hardware or the batteries that need to be checked by Fossil and they will be able to fix that up for you as well.

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