4 Common Feit Electric Bulb LED Problems (Solved)

Feit Electric Bulb LED Problems

Energy conservation is at the forefront of everyone’s mind these days. It is one of the most crucial steps towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Opting for electrical products that conserve energy limits carbon emissions in the environment and helps sustain natural energy resources while also saving you money along the way.

Feit Electric is a leading manufacturer of energy-saving light bulbs and lighting fixtures.

They have leveraged their experience of many years in the industry to provide not only product quality and aesthetic appeal but also great customer satisfaction.

However, just as with any electric product, Feit bulbs also come with their own problems. In this article, we go through some of the most common problems faced by Feit LED bulb users, and how to solve them.

Feit Electric

Feit has a large selection of energy-saving bulbs from LEDs to CFLs. CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lamps were one of the first energy-efficient bulbs that emerged in the global market.

They emit a pleasant white light that is similar to incandescent bulbs which do not conserve energy.

LEDs or Light Emitting Diode are a more developed and far more efficient energy-saving lighting product, which uses a semiconductor material that emits light.

LEDs also have a longer life space that is close to 50,000 hours and more, which further helps save not only energy but also money since they need replaces less frequently.

Feit has an extensive collection of LED bulbs in a large variety of shapes and sizes. You can select from a range of brightness levels and color temperatures depending on your requirement.

Following are some of the Feit LED lighting bulbs and fixtures available categorized by their usage.

  • General-purpose LEDs
  • Recessed lighting
  • Table lamps
  • Outdoor lights
  • Chandeliers
  • Wall Sconces
  • Strip lights
  • Under-cabinet light panels
  • LED Ceiling Fixtures
  • Garage lights/Yard lights
  • Vintage LED
  • Motion-sensing night lights
  • Bath and vanity lights
  • Decorative lights

Due to their delicate structure, it is almost inevitable for any LED product to get some sort of functionality issue during their long lifespan.

Thankfully, the simple structure of the LED bulb also makes it quite easy for anyone to troubleshoot any problems that may occur without having to have any complex technical knowledge.

Before we move on to looking at the issues that can arise from using Feit LED bulbs, let us have a quick look at a few practices that will help you prolong the lifespan of any LED bulb.

While LED bulbs have a long lifespan when compared to many other bulbs, their effectiveness and lifespan tend to get shorter when they are exposed to high-temperature environments often.

Just like in any electric device, using them for prolonged periods of time produces heat within the bulb. When they get heated, the light-emitting diode tends to radiate less light as well, slowly deteriorating the device.

Therefore, switching off the bulb when you no longer need it is extremely important to maintain the durability of LED bulbs.

Another easy method that everyone can do is to make sure any room you use an LED bulb has good airflow.

When a cool airflow is present, it tends to dissipate any heat generated in the bulb, slowing down any deterioration especially if you are keeping it on for a long period of time.

This can be as easy as keeping your windows open when the weather is good or even setting up a fan that will increase the airflow in a room.

Even with good airflow, remember to only turn on your LED bulb when it is needed, without keeping it on at all times due to convenience.

Feit Electric Bulb LED Problems

Let’s look at a few common Feit LED electric bulb problems and how to solve them.

1.   A buzzing or humming noise when the LED bulb is on

One of the most common and less serious issues with Feit LED bulbs is a soft humming noise that comes from the bulb when it is active. This can happen due to several reasons.

It could be an overload in the circuit of the bulb. When there is a rise in the voltage, higher than necessary, it makes the electronic parts in the bulb vibrate, making a hum or a buzzing sound.

It also happens when you have a dimmer that is incompatible with the bulb.

Solution/s: Check the voltage that your LED bulb accepts, and see if it is lower than the voltage that runs through your socket. Make changes accordingly.

If you are using a dimmer, re-check if it is compatible with the type of Feit bulb you are using. If not, you may be having a defective bulb that you can get replaced by the company.

2.   Excessive flickering of the LED bulb

Random and infrequent flickering of an LED bulb is not a cause for worry, if it happens regularly and continuously, it could mean an issue with your power supply.

The most common reason for this is capacitors that are poor and also low wattage from the power supply.

When your Feit LEDs are connected with high wattage devices such as washing machines and dryers, they can take up the maximum wattage and provide low wattage for the LED bulb.

It leads the bulb to flicker since the wattage that it gets is not sufficient to give a continuous light through the diode.

Solution/s: Avoid connecting high wattage attracting devices with your LEDs. Check the socket of the bulb to see if it is getting enough wattage. If it does, the bulb might be defective and you may have to replace it.

3.   LED bulb generating excess heat

bulb hot

A mild heat that is generated when in use is natural for any electrical device, but excessive heat and regularly getting overheated are signs of an issue that can eventually lead to damage.

One of the most common reasons for overheating is when you install your new Feit LED bulb to an old fixture that is meant for regular recessed lights.

Most old-fashioned fixtures are congested. LED bulbs require good airflow, which is blocked by these congested fixtures. It can also mean high voltage sockets that the bulb cannot handle.

Solution/s: If you are using LED recessed lights, upgrade your fixtures as well. An IC-rated or insulated contact fixture is the best option for Feit LED bulbs, which have improved air circulation that prevents any overheating.

Moreover, check the socket to see if the bulb is taking a higher voltage than needed. If nothing works, it could mean a defective bulb, which you have to replace.

4.   LED bulb not working

new bulb

If your LED bulb was working well and suddenly stopped working, do not rush to replace it. It could happen due to external reasons as well.

Especially if you are using a decorative light with multiple bulbs, and only one or two stopped working, it is more likely that the issue is in the socket rather than the bulb.

It also happens when there is a short circuit, or the bulb has finished its lifespan.

Solution/s: Carefully remove the Feit LED bulb from its socket and connect it into a different working socket to see if it works. If it does, you have to replace the socket.

You can also check if there is a short circuit or get an electrician to do it. If the bulb has run its lifespan, replace it with a new one.

If you have a defective bulb and you have to replace it, contact the retail shop you bought the bulb from and request a replacement.

Most retailers have good return policies when it comes to defective bulbs, and should be able to provide you with an immediate solution or a replacement. Always check your retailer’s return policy before you make any purchase.

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  1. I have brought 6 of these bulbs and 3 worked and the other 3 stayed on all the time. I want my money back or replace the bulbs. I’m 73 years old and on fixed income and hard to make it now.
    I tied to post a picture but will not let me. my address is
    14111 Lindsey Lane
    Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
    price of bulb —-$5.99 each Dusk to Dawn at Menards when I got these I got 6 at a time and I don’t have my receipt item number A800/950CA/DD/LED(C)

  2. I’m looking for a way to use my Smart Feit bulb as a regular LED. I’ve given up trying all the procedures to connect with my phone – can anyone help?

  3. Recently bought a couple Feit 3 way LED bulbs. Living in the cold, dry winter currently ranging between 20-30% humidity indoors. Was turning the light off last night an received a static shock when I touch the lamp. Seemed to blow the LED bulb as it immediately dimmed way down and now doesn’t turn on anymore. Those 3 way bulbs seem to be very finicky and they are more expensive besides. Guess it will be 2 clicks on and 2 clicks off from now on with a regular LED bulb instead.

  4. I have two FEIT bulbs in two different rooms. Recently I found they would turn themselves on together at a fixed time (4:45PM), when there is usually no one at home, nor I set anything up at this particular time. Can anyone point me to an explanation? And how can I turn it off?

  5. If I’m not home and I have power failure, how do I reconnect while away?? I know how to If I’m home, but what about when I’m not??

  6. I recently changed the bulbs in my fixture and noticed serious melting on one bulb and splitting on the stem of the other. This could have been very serious if I hadn’t caught it in time.

  7. Avoid Feit at all costs. I bought a dozen clear 60W equivalent LED bulbs for my household light fixtures in November 2019. In 17 months, four have failed. Same thing every time. One of the linear led segments (“filament sticks”) starts blinking, and pretty soon the whole bulb goes out. One bulb worked only about 50 hours.

  8. Every FEIT bulb that I have purchased has gone bad within 6 months, they start to blink before they go out. You get what you pay for. Went to Sylvania and no more problems.

  9. I have a problem with your FEIT 3-way 50/100/150 LED light bulbs. When using a touch-switch lamp with two fixtures, and only one bulb is screwed in while the second fixture is empty, your LED light will not work. Nor will they work when your LED lights are plugged into both fixtures. They will only give off a dim glow. The only time they work in this lamp with two fixtures is when I have an incandescent plugged into one side and one of your 3-way LEDs is plugged into the other. Any of you at FEIT know what might causing this?


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