3 Ways To Fix Alexa Not Discovering Nest

Alexa Not Discovering Nest
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Alexa Not Discovering Nest

Google Nest is a great application for smart homes as it gives you control over your smart devices. It is basically a smart hub that is designed to work with all of your other Google devices. For instance, it can be used to control Nest Thermostat, Nest audio, etc.

On the other hand, Alexa is a virtual voice assistant that is compatible with most smart hub devices. What it does is that it connects with your smart hub device in order to give you voice control.

Alexa Not Discovering Nest

Alexa can be connected to multiple devices, including Google Nest devices. However, plenty of users have reported an issue when trying to link Alexa with other Nest devices. Alexa not discovering Nest is what causes this error to occur. There are a number of reasons why Alexa might not be discovering your devices.

Today, we will be going through some of the reasons and their solutions to why Alexa is not discovering Nest devices. We will be making it as a step-by-step guide so that you can easily fix your issue. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

  1. Make Sure Alexa’s Connected to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Band

A common reason why this may be happening might be because quite a few smart home devices don’t work with a 5.0GHz Wi-Fi band. In simple words, you can only use them when they are connected to a 2.4GHz band.

This is why you need to check whether Alexa is connected to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi band or a 5.0GHz Wi-Fi band. If it’s not connected to the same one as your device, Alexa might not be able to discover the device properly. So, make sure they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi band.

  1. Enable the Nest Skill

Plenty of skill can be installed on Alexa that allows devices that normally aren’t supported by Alexa, become readily available on the Alexa. Problem is, you will need to manually install these skills on your Alexa.

So, if you have not installed/enabled the Nest skill, you may want to do it before trying to connect a Nest device with Alexa. Another thing to note is that Alexa does not work with a few older models of Nest. So, if you have an old Nest device, it might not be compatible with Alexa.

  1. Make Sure You Add Alexa to Your Nest Account

The final thing you need to make sure of is that Alexa is added to your Nest account. If not, Alexa will not be able to properly discover your Nest devices. You may need to enter a code in your Nest app that will allow both the devices to be able to connect with each other.

The Bottom Line

These are the 3 steps on how you can fix Alexa not discovering Nest devices. We have made sure to make each step as detailed and simple as possible. We hope that by following these steps, you will be able to fix your issue for good!

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